Summertime Together–Minneapolis Ice Cream

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I  have decided to feature just 2 of the ice cream shoppes in Minneapolis.
Are there more?
Why am I featuring just two?
Because I don’t want to overwhelm you!  (and maybe because I only was able to get to these!)

Pumphouse Creamery
4754 Chicago Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55407

Pumphouse Creamery is known for two things:  natural ice cream made from ingredients from local organic farms and their homebrewed sodas named after their favorite dog–Jake Dog sodas.

The best word to describe Pumphouse Creamery is refreshing.  Refreshing because they pride themselves on clean and organic flavors.  Refreshing for me because they had 20 flavors to choose from instead of 50.  Refreshing because they don’t use artificial flavors or coloring. 

Picture a small shoppe that would fit perfectly on the streets of New York City and you can picture Pumphouse Creamery’s atmosphere.  However, being located in Minnesota gives this sweet shoppe a Scandinavian essence.  Bright colors, high ceiling, big windows.


I was not exaggerating when I stated the shoppe was small.  Room for one table and a window seat.

Here was the description of the flavors for the day.

The flavors tasted by the Ice Cream Testers:

Mint Cookies and Cream:  delicious and accidentally dropped on the floor.  They gave Dash another scoop with no questions asked.  This ice cream is the color of vanilla, but don’t worry, it’s still minty.

Local Red Raspberry:  How can this be anything by amazing!

Butter Pecan:  Princess Pea’s new favorite flavor.

Chocolate:  JackJack didn’t want to share this.

Cookies and Cream :  Wordgirl tried this one, but she couldn’t finish it because her tummy hurt.  And since she wasn’t feeling good, I didn’t want to eat the remaining almost full cone available.

Salty Peanut Butter Ice Cream with Salty Chocolate Caramel Nougat (try ordering THAT 5 times fast):  This flavor was amazing! amazing.  I honestly didn’t think I would like it at first, but after I tried it, I HAD to order it.  At first I was torn because I always get something with chocolate in it and I didn’t think it had chocolate, but upon further exploration, I realized that, “yes, there was chocolate,” and “no, I didn’t have to continue to decide.”

flavor tried:  chocolate hazelnut–a light chocolate flavor, but delicious.

(our wonderful Aunt Sandy joined us for a delightful afternoon and therefore, we tried 6 flavors instead of our normal 5 or less)
This is the list of treats you can order:

All their cones come in their handmade waffle cones.  1 scoop, 2 scoop, kiddie scoop–all of it comes in their own cones.  And they are delicious.  Honestly, I am kind of a picky waffle cone person.  I’d much rather have a sugar or cake cone.  But their waffle cones were strong enough to take the weight of the ice cream without being gigantically huge.  The one drawback is that they have a hole in the bottom (like most waffle cones) and they don’t block it.  Once the ice cream starts melting, it’s a race to see who will win–you or the ice cream.

Lastly, I wanted to point out how amazing our service was from the lone teenager taking care of the front of the shoppe.  He was welcoming and friendly and had a smile on his face the whole time.  His demeanor, too, was refreshing!  Politeness and kindness go a long way.

If you want a unique ice cream experience, I highly recommend Pumphouse Creamery.  I was thrilled with our experience.



Sebastian Joe’s
4321 Upton Ave S.
 1007 Franklin Ave S

With two locations, on the edge of uptown (corner of Hennepin and Franklin in Minneapolis) and in Linden Hills (across the street from Great Harvest Bakery), Sebastian Joe’s is a Twin Cities destination for any ice cream lover.

I first went to Sebastian Joe’s when I was 10 years old: 25 years ago!  I had their signature Raspberry Chocolate chip.

All I remember was that it was good. So I had to give it another try.  And while I was at it, I might as well introduce my children!

Sebastian Joe’s has gourmet ice cream.  I think my favorite part of this delectable destination is that you never know exactly what they concocted for the day.  With well over 100 different flavors, they have a plethora of choices.


you must know that they only offer about 15 different flavors per day.  With the most popular flavors–Oreo, Raspberry Chocolate Chip, and Pavarotti (banana, caramel, chocolate chips=yum)–offered everyday, the remaining flavors are anyone’s guess.

Another fun thing they do is mixing two flavors from the day before to make a one-time experience.  I love this idea.  Waste not, want not.  Technically, it’s not extremely creative.  BUT what it is is brilliant!

This is what Sebastian Joe’s says about their ice cream.

We use only the best ingredients in our ice creams and sorbets. You won’t find a bright green mint ice cream here because we use only all natural ingredients of the highest quality. That means no artificial flavors or colors.
We are always experimenting with interesting new flavor combinations and strive to provide you with a variety of choices each time you visit our store. From the Chocolate Coyote (chocolate ice cream, cinnamon, cayenne pepper) to the basil sorbet, we are looking to surprise your taste buds and make them happy!

I’m on the quest for the best ice cream cones,  but Sebastian Joe’s also has milkshakes and malts, ice cream pies, ice cream sandwiches, and Joe Brr Bars (Oreo ice cream dipped in Swiss chocolate).  You can also get fancy homemade dipped cones in chocolate, butterfinger, Heath Bar, Almond, and coconut.  They also have bakery items and have gone coffee crazy.

When you walk into Sebastian Joe’s in Linden Hills, you feel like you are entering a coffee shop.  It looks like a coffee shop, it smells like a coffee shop, but the center of the coffee shop is not coffee.  It’s ice cream.

This is my kind of place!  The Linden Hills location also has a large, beautiful patio with a play area and a fountain to enjoy.

It’s beautiful.  It’s delicious.

Seriously, what could be better?

Happy children?  Well, I think you have found the place.  Just look at these faces.



Eating ice cream is serious business.  Seriously fun!
Sebastian Joe’s with worth the trip and it’s worth the price.  It’s a wonderfully unique experience in which everyone in the Twin Cities should delight!  If you need a suggestion of which flavor to order, my choice is Pavarotti.  You won’t regret it.
That is.  Unless you don’t like banana, chocolate chips, or caramel.

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