Summer 2020: How to Make Plans

The Twin Cities is usually so much fun in the summer. Each summer I make a commitment to do all kinds of things, but Summer 2020 looks different.

Different  than every other summer I have ever had. This year–with Covid changing the landscape of our world–I need to be realistic about how I plan my summer.

This is how I am making plans for Summer 2020.

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This may or may not be happening in Summer 2020:
summer playground

But that doesn’t mean we can’t plan a summer that we will always remember.

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5 Step Summer Planning Strategy

  1. Shift your mindset.  This summer is going to look different.  And feel different.  And be different. This summer is going to exclude a lot our regularly scheduled programming.  We need to mourn those losses without it overtaking our mental health.  Allow yourself to be sad.  Allow your kids to be sad.

    Cedar Lake Farm
    Cedar Lake Farm — Image Courtesy Three Rivers Park District

    And these feelings aren’t going to be a once and done thing.  They are going to come in waves.  Some days are going to be great.  Some days are going to be tough.  For everyone.  Give your family grace and care.  A time to be silly and a time to be sad.  Whenever the need arises.
    summer water safety

  2. Assemble Ideas. No summer camp?  No vacation? You aren’t alone. Some of us are still waiting for what is the inevitable and others already know their plans are gone. 
    Family Fun Twin Cities lists farms to explore with kids in the directory.
    Grimm Farm Historic Site (Image courtesy Three Rivers Park District)

    What this calls for is a big ol’ brainstorm. 

    -Ask yourself and your family, “What do I love about summer?”  Write it down.  Write it all down.  Everything.
    i.e. Staying up late, drinking lemonade, swimming, playing baseball, seeing my friends, going to camp, etc.
    summer saints game

    -Of the things that are unavailable (seeing friends, going to camp, playing baseball), break it down even further.  What do you like about going to camp?  What things do you like about playing baseball? What do you do with your friends when you are together?
    summer on the MIssissippi

  3. Establish Alternatives.  While Plan A is always the optimal plan, is there an alternative that would fulfill a piece of that particular summer expectation?
    Instead of playing baseball with a league, could you play kickball with your family at a nearby park? Instead of seeing a big group of friends, would it be possible to go on a bike ride with your neighbor?
    There are alternatives. It’s possible that the alternatives are just as fun as our original plans
    summer family bike ride, twin cities
  4. Rewrite Your List. And schedule your activities on your calendar.  It’s important to have things to look forward to even if they are different.

    summer fishing
    Naturalists Kao Thao and Krista Jensen – I Can Fish (Image courtesy Minnesota DNR)
  5. Trust Family Fun Twin Cities and join us for “Summer to Remember” Adventure.
    We are here with you.  We know what you are going through because we are going through it ourselves.
    We have kids looking forward to camp and kids looking forward to big excursions, too.
    Summer is NOT cancelled.  We will exert more effort to make it work in 2020, but it’s not cancelled.  And FFTC has got you covered.  We did the planning and you do the doing

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summer play time

Need to Brainstorm some more? We have a summer pin board on Pinterest.

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  1. Gianna Kordatzky

    Tamarack Nature Center in White Bear Lake Township. This is GREAT Nature Center with lots of fun things to do. And they just started to put in a new hobbit house!

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