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Why do you want to be on the FFTC Summer Camp Guide?

Top 3 Reasons to promote on the FFTC Summer Camp Guide

  1. We are the leading expert on local summer camps.  In 2020 because of the pandemic,  I fielded interviews from  KARE 11, WCCO, and the Star Tribune about going to camp during Covid. I mentioned different camps by name because I remembered them.  Why?  Because we were working together. 
  2. Because we have been consistently first to release our camp guide, you will be seen by THOUSANDS of local families. In the past two years, we have averaged 136,000 pageviews. You can click on that link to see the numbers broken down.
  3. We have a readership of over 200,000 people, and they are from the Twin Cities LOOKING for you.  Let’s help them out.

SUmmer Camp Guide Packages

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4 Offers for Your Summer Camp

Looking to see what our Guide looks like?  Click here to see our current Summer Camp Guide. 

 FFTC reserves the right to accept or deny all camp submissions.
Free listings are in alphabetical order under the featured and upgraded listings.
Is your camp just getting started?  Try a free listing.  Click below to submit your form.

Each Upgraded Level 1 Summer Camp Listing includes 

  • all the basic camp information (Free)
  • one link ($25)

Each Upgraded Level 2 Summer Camp Listing includes:

  • all the basic camp information (Free)
  • one link ($25)
  • image 600×400  ($25)
  • 50-100 word description ($25)

FFTC’s Featured Summer Camp Listing includes:

  • all the basic camp info (Free) 
  • one link ($25)
  • 50-100 word description ($25)
  • image — 600 x 400 ($25)
  • placement at the top of one page’s section and/or subsection ($40)

We will invoice you the total for your submission. It will go live when invoice is paid.

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