One Posh Closet Kids

One Posh Closet KidsMy name is Maya. I am eleven years old, and my mom is Gianna Kordatzky. Recently, I did an interview with Nicole Jennings. She is the wife of Greg Jennings (who was a wide receiver for the Packers, the Vikings, and the Dolphins. He is now retired and is whole-heartedly supporting his wife’s endeavors, acting, and broadcasting for different football events). Nicole is also the owner of One Posh Closet and One Posh Closet Kids.

I would love to introduce to a new contributing member of the FFTC team.  Maya is my daughter and she loves writing and she loves fashion.  When we learned about One Posh Closet Kids, Maya was the obvious choice combining her two loves.  We were invited to enjoy a morning with Nicole, and Maya tested her modeling chops.

One Posh Closet Kids

One Posh Closet KidsOne Posh Closet began as an online shop called The Posh Mommy. As a retailer online, Nicole collected donated clothes from athletes and their families. The money from these sales wass donated to many relief agencies.  Now those benefitting from OPC include the Robbinsdale Women’s Center and the Minneapolis Boys and Girls Clubs. Many athletes are associated with different non-profits, so she respects requests from athletes and donates to the organizations of their choosing.

One Posh Closet KidsAfter moving to the Twin Cities from Green Bay, Nicole needed more space than just her home.  So she opened a brick and mortar store for all her inventory in Bloomington.  Currently, Nicole is in the process of expanding her store to downtown Minneapolis by the holidays.  

In the process of expanding her women’s line, One Posh Closet Kids online store is now a pop-up for a couple more weeks in Eden Prairie Center.  Halloween will be their last day open.  Anything that is left from the store will be collected and donated to a crisis nursery. 

One Posh Closet Kids Halloween Hurrah!

Eden Prairie Center hosts Trick or Treating in the mall from 5-7 p.m. Join One Posh Closet Kids during that time for a Halloween party in the store.  Catch the very last of the good deals and enjoy some Halloween fun.

One Posh Closet Kids

Maya and I had a blast bringing this article to you. This was definitely a labor of love.

One Posh Closet Kids
A first-time journalist and a seasoned business woman–grace upon grace.


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