Across the Border in Hudson Wisconsin

Gianna takes us on a tour of Hudson Wisconsin and all her favorite haunts.

There is a little town right outside the Twin Cities in what my husband (and his friend Keith)  call “The Promise Land.” They are Wisconsin boys. We’ll just let them believe that.

I want to take you into Hudson Wisconsin

When you cross the St. Croix River and exit onto Carmichael Road off Interstate 94, you are greeted with the usual highway stops:  McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Menards, a clinic, some gas stations. But if you take Carmichael Road North of 94, you have the opportunity to make your way  to Main Street Hudson (also known as 2nd Ave).

While you are in downtown, you will encounter a huge park with a walking path along the river. You will see the river cruise boats and enjoy a beautiful view.

On 2nd Ave, you will come across more than a handful of fun shops.  From eclectic, artsy boutiques to antique stores.  From spas and delis, this little town offers you many choices including the Phipps Center for the Arts.

My absolute favorite place to visit was Knoke’s Chocolates, where we enjoyed yummy frozen treats. It earned a spot in our Guide to the Best Ice Cream Shoppes in the Twin Cities.

Best Playground in Hudson

Grandview Park is often referred to as “Castle Park” because the playground is has a beautiful palace-themed central play structure.  It also has some little “shops” with names of favorite businesses for kids to play restaurant or store. Playground “shops” include Spokes & Pedals, Vine Street Florist and Carbone’s pizza. There is a Hudson Fire Department firetruck play structure as well. The large, kid-friendly park is a must-visit!

We enjoyed every minute of the 2 hours we spent together snooping around Hudson.

  • Hudson is adorable.  The roads go up the hillside and wind themselves into a twisted knot, and you end up unwinding yourself back down.  It’s  a pretty view.
  • Hudson is fun for adults, and it’s fun for families, in the summer or winter.  Bustling activity surrounds Hudson  It’s the perfect way to get away from the city life without driving for hours!

Learn More from the Chamber of Commerce

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