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I love YOXO toys. I am convinced that when my kids state they need candy or ice cream, they are really saying that they are bored. Because they are. So what do we do for our kids when they think they need candy when they are bored? Break out the toys. Or go build with your kids in the woods. Or be superheroes in your playroom or backyard.

Play From Scratch makes it possible for you to do all of these things and more. With the help from Play From Scratch, you have all the help you need to play with your kids.  (And we all know that most adults need help playing with their kids) The only problem you will face after breaking out the YOXO building kits or the Superhero Game or One Big Box is finding time to cook for the times when your kids truly are hungry!

YOXO (“yock-so”) is the sustainable, recyclable, made in the USA, invent anything you can imagine toy company. YOXO’s award-winning building sets inspire kids to design and build their own toys using recyclable Y, O, and X-shaped links that connect in countless ways with everyday household materials like paper towel rolls and cereal boxes. YOXO even links with other toy building sets including LEGO®, KRE-O® and Mega Bloks®. The result: endless hours of play that fosters creativity and fuels imagination.

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YOXO toys are manufactured from recycled wood pulp in the company’s wind-powered Minnesota workshop. The company won the 2014 Eureka Award, the 2014 Minnesota Cup General Division Award and numerous toy design awards including Top Toy of the Year from Creative Child magazine.

YOXO’s mission is to keep kids creating.

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