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Sweet Science Ice Cream was part of Gianna’s 2012 Ice Cream Research adventure. Find the full results of that research here.


Lucky for all of you, the summer of 2012 was my ice cream summer, and you all get the benefit of my extensive local ice cream research.  The summer of 2012 was also  my downfall because now I have a very high standard in the ice cream category of my life.  That category, coincidentally, takes up a huge space in my life.

Drastically huge. I highlighted some of the ice cream shoppes around town.  And I hope to hit a few.

Ashlee Olds — Owner of Sweet Science Ice Cream

Sweet Science Ice Cream  Ashlee Olds, creator, founder, chef
Sweet Science Ice Cream  Ashlee Olds, creator, founder, chef

Enter Ashlee Olds with her Sweet Science Ice Cream, and the ice cream of my dreams. The first time I learned of Ashlee Olds and Sweet Science Ice Cream was through the Pioneer Press. I contacted her and she invited me to an ice-cream tasting. .

At the tasting our first sample was Olive Oil.

Yes, you heard that right….Olive Oil. I wasn’t so fond of the flavor but the texture was heaven. It was the creamiest and smoothest ice cream I had ever had.  All in all tried 16 different flavors including Pear Reisling Sorbet (it’s like a bit of summer in your mouth), chocolate, peanut butter chocolate, root beer float, salted caramel, and vanilla.  It was the best vanilla I have ever had.  With a deep vanilla flavor, t didn’t need  a single topping.  I would eaten the whole container if I could have, and I’m a chocolate girl.

Sweet Science was named because of the food science it takes to create the ice cream.  Everything is organic and local (or made in the USA).  All the flavors she makes are handmade–caramel of the Salted Caramel, the mint in Vanilla Mint Square, the streusel in the Berry Crumble.

Then, the ice cream is churned and churned.  And churned.  And churned some more. That’s what makes it ridiculously creamy.

Each pint you buy has been personally created by Ashlee.  From shopping for ingredients, to making the sauces and cooking the recipes, from churning the ice cream to filling the pints.  Right down to putting the labels on the containers.  Each container takes 3 labels.  Ashlee does it all on her own.

As a business woman, she is very savvy and very thoughtful of her customers.  She includes sorbets for vegans and those with a lactose intolerance purposefully making a chocolate for them so that they can have a chocolate option if possible.  All her products are gluten free as well and prepared in a certifiable gluten free kitchen.  She figures (and I quote), “Why not? That way it is available for more people to enjoy.

You are probably asking, “This sounds amazing, Gianna!  Where can I find Sweet Science Ice Cream?” and  “How much does a pint cost?  A pint won’t be enough for my whole family!”

Sweet Science Ice Cream pints

A pint costs $9.  I know $9 seems like a lot.  And it is, but let me assure you that you do not need more than one scoop of this ice cream.  It’s the best ice cream money can buy.  (And remember I am an expert now)

There are a number of different places when you can purchase Sweet Science. Find Them Here.

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