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Developed by Mykou and Touger Thao, Hmong Baby is an online resource created for families who want their children to grow up with an appreciation of the Hmong culture. It is both an educational resource and an online shop that helps celebrate Hmong Heritage.

Created out of their own desire to raise a bilingual child, this mom/dad pair knows what is important and what isn’t. Focusing on just a handful of quality products like flashcards, books, digital products, and baby and toddler apparel, Touger and Mykou knock it out of the park.

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Flash Cards and Videos

Not everyone raising their child with an appreciation for Hmong culture had the same advantage growing up. If you need help with pronunciation, follow Hmong Baby’s YouTube Channel to get helpful videos to go with flash cards. The video below shows phrases pronounced with the White Hmong dialect. Both are available.

Hmong Baby Blog

For more helpful resources, the website has a blog that covers all things Hmong culture, language and lifestyle. Whether you are looking for apps, books or just a like-minded parenting point of view, this blog is worth following.

White & Green Hmong Baby Products

The store carries products in both White Hmong and Green Hmong dialects.

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