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The Cycling Museum of Minnesota may be the most amazing museum you’ve never seen. The museum was created to share Minnesota cycling history and offers exhibitions, public programs, as well as research and cycling advocacy. This volunteer-driven museum considers itself a work in progress and plans to expand in the future. For the longest time it was housed in the “Vault” in the basement of St. Marks Cathedral in Minneapolis and open only for special events and by appointment. However, they recently found a permanent home with room for exhibits, we are excited to see what happens in 2023.

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New Permanent Location for the Cycling Museum of Minnesota

In November of 2022, the museum announced that, after a six-month search, it has found a new home and moved into the Quality Bicycle Products corporate building in Bloomington. This is an exciting move for everyone because they will finally be able to display their collection of bicycles and bicycling paraphernalia, host events, and lead bike rides around nearby Hyland Lake Park Reserve.

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Family-Friendly Events

CMM participates in and hosts family-friendly events throughout the year. In August, look for its Rally and Ride Event, where visitors can see the contents of the mysterious vault, show off their own sweet rides and participate in a community ride. The Rally portion of this event is outdoors (obviously) and dependent on weather, but the Vault opens regardless of weather, so this is a great chance to see what is inside.

History of the Cycling Museum

Founded in December of 2013, by mid 2014 the Museum had chosen its name, incorporated and begun assembling its collection. In January of 2106, it moved into The Vault. CMM has created a short-term exhibit for the Hennepin History Museum and participated in many community events over the years. Follow their continued development on Facebook.

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Bicycle Trivia

Did you know that a Bicycling Craze swept the nation, including Minnesota in 1890s until the automobile became available to the general public in the early 1900s. You can learn more about that at MNOpedia.

Bicycle museums are not exclusive to Minnesota. The Worlds Largest Bicycle Museum and Bike Shop! is Bicycle Heaven in Pittsburgh, PA and the Bicycle Museum of America is located in New Bremen, Ohio. I’m not suggesting that you bike to all these museums, but I guess you could.


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