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Bethel University 3900 Bethel Dr St. Paul, MN 55112

Bethel University is a Christian college located in Saint Paul. It offers community events and summer camps that may appeal to families with children.

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Bethel University Summer Camp

Bethel offers several summer camps for teens. These include:

  • Sports Camps
  • Bethel Business Academy
  • Living the Questions
  • Digital Storytelling
  • BUILDing Independent Skills Summer Program
  • Music and Theatre
  • Practicing Antiracism through Social Work
  • Video Production Camp
  • Computer Game Development

Living the Questions

Join Bethel University for a week-long summer institute, where you’ll dialogue on culturally relevant topics, reflect on your purpose and engage in service. Campers dive into questions at the intersection of Media & Faith. During the institute, you will . . .
-Learn from Bethel faculty
-Volunteer in the community
-Participate in small group discussions and activities
-Live on campus

Students interested in earning academic credit or a $1,000 scholarship can also register for the LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCE ENCORE . . .
. . . The ENCORE is a Saturday afternoon session where students learn about the Leadership Experience. The four elements of the Leadership Experience are meeting regularly with an adult mentor, community service, and two retreats at Bethel. Students who participate in the Leadership Experience (August-April) are eligible for academic credit and/or a $1,000 scholarship to Bethel.

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