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4501 Hiawatha Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55406

The staff of Adventures in Cardboard (“AIC”) host play-focused arts camps, workshops and parties created to inspire creative outdoor play. The workshops use creative role-playing and design to help kids construct and play. They now also offer online role playing games.

Adventures in Cardboard inspires creative and imaginative play, both theatrical and tactically competitive, in beautiful wild places. We seek to re-inspire community-oriented and creative outdoor play.

from AIC Mission Statement

Birthday Parties

Customizable birthday parties include field games and 25′ square cardboard maze. Birthday hosts will need to have use of a field or community center Staff will help party guests make swords and shields, teach the rules of ‘safe sword tag’ and lead games.

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Adventures in Cardboard Summer Camps

Summer camps are held at metro parks and seeks to re-inspire creative outdoor play with city-bound youth in play-focused workshops. Learn more on their website.

This camp is featured in our annual summer camp guide:

Adventures in Cardboard is featured in our summer camp guide

Online Role Playing Games

AIC offers online role playing games for kids who want to try out the traditional tabletop role playing games with an experienced counselor leading the game. Kids should have a paper and pencil and can use their own dice if they have them.  Otherwise, they can use online dice.

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