5 Thoughts About Pete’s Dragon

Pete's dragon

“You’re the bravest boy I’ve ever known.”

Disney’s Pete’s Dragon opened today, and my family was invited to preview the film.  To say it was a good movie would be a complete understatement.  We loved every minute of it.

Here are five thoughts I had about the film.

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1. No Swearing • There was no bad language.  At. All.  I don’t even remember soft “cussing.”  I did not once think about my kids and what they were listening to.

Pete's Dragon2. Elliott • Who doesn’t love a big, furry, green dragon?  It was the first time I ever saw a furry dragon, but it definitely made him cuddlier.  (is that a word?)  Elliot makes you laugh, he makes you cry, and he makes you cheer.  I love Elliott!


Pete's Dragon3. Supporting Characters: Grace, Meachem, Jack, Natalie • I loved the supporting cast. Right was right. Wrong was wrong.  There were times when a judgment call was a bad one, but everyone treated each other as someone who deserved to be listened to.  I really appreciated that.


Petes Dragon4. Could have easily been about environment, but kept it about the relationships • You are probably rolling your eyes at me, but sometimes I get super annoyed with blatant “subtle” messages.  While the forest was being cut down, it was something worth considering, that was not the point of this particular story.



5. Hopeful Ending • It’s a journey to get to the ending.  There will be tears.  And lots of them, but there is so much hope, it’s worth wading through the emotions.

Pete's Dragon

Bonus Thought
It’s intense.

  • Capturing the dragon
  • Rescuing the dragon
  • Rescuing the family
  • VERY sad
  • First scene in the woods

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