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Wolf Tales at Minnesota Fringe Festival
Beyond Pokémon Go – Twin Cities Quests for Families
Family Fun: ‘Paint Your Wagon’ at The Ordway

Wolf Tales at Minnesota Fringe Festival

This week my daughter and I had the opportunity to preview Wolf Tales, which will be one of the Minnesota Fringe Festival shows this year. When I asked my kids who wanted to be my date for a ballet review. My daughter yelled “Me!” and my boys yelled “Not Me!” That was easy. Except, it turned out that this would have been a really fun show for little boys as well as a tween girl. Read More

Beyond Pokémon Go – Twin Cities Quests for Families

Pokémon Go at the library

Pokémon Go Activities are popping up everywhere – Like This 2016 Library Crawl

I’m a bit on the fence with the Pokémon Go app. On the one side, it sounded instantly appealing to me to take my family out to search for Pokémon. I picture a day of happy bonding while we explore the Twin Cities. On the other side, I am anti-app (an app-atheist? app-athetic?). I would probably need the expert tech help of my 11-year-old. At any rate, I’m still on the fence. I might make this exception or get my husband, who is an app-addict, to download it to his phone.

In the meantime, when asked to explain Pokémon Go, I told a friend, “It’s like geocaching for imaginary creatures.” I know its a bit more. You can train them, and battle them, and act out your cartoon fantasies; but the part that I like is the searching part. This is why, while I’m sitting on the fence, I can start to encourage some other treasure hunts I’ve been wanting to try.

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Family Fun: ‘Paint Your Wagon’ at The Ordway

Paint Your Wagon

photo by Rich Ryan

This past week, I had the privilege of chatting with our beloved local Ann Michels.  Not sure who I’m talking about?  That’s okay.  We are busy parents and are lucky to be able to watch a show without falling asleep halfway through it.

Ann Michels is a talented local actress who has performed in many different roles around the Twin Cities including The Guthrie Theatre, Children’s Theatre Company, Theater Latte Da and many others. Read More

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