10 Things for Parents in “Moana” Disney’s New Animated Feature Movie

Disney does it again with Moana. We have been singing “How Far I’ll Go” non-stop for three days now.

Kids are going to love this film, but that’s to be expected. I know you want to know if you will. Here are 10 Things for Parents to Enjoy.

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10 Things for Parents in "Moana" Disney's New Animated Feature Movie

10 Things I Loved About Moana As A Parent

  1.  Families are Important. Classic story of overprotective dad, but both Moana’s grandma and mom understand her and encourage her to follow her calling.  (Hint: Something really big calls her)
  2. Diversity. The characters are not white princesses who just want to fall in love. The whole tribe is necessary.  Not everyone believes the same things, but they live together in peace. Strong people, strong women.
  3.  We need to look past outward appearances and seek to understand. This part of the story was intense and my sensitive one was fairly freaked out, but it’s so beautiful that it was worth the anxiety.
  4. Moana perseveres even when it’s hard. She falls in the ocean, she gets back on the boat.  Her chicken falls in the ocean, she rescues him.
  5. On that note, HeiHei, the chicken, is the perfect sidekick. You will catch yourself laughing.  The comedic timing still makes me giggle.
  6. Maui and Moana’s conflicts are believable and funny without being demeaning. This is super important to our family.  We don’t want to laugh AT someone.  Even in movies.  We want to laugh WITH people because we know that feeling, have had that experience, and we have grown from it.
  7. Moana and Maui learn about self-sacrifice, but not in a cheesy way.  This was captured in a couple of different moments in the story and was very touching.
  8. There are many moments of forgiveness in this story. This kind of goes along with the perseverence and seeking to understand.
  9. The adventures are captivating. The big moments are paired perfectly with the quiet moments so you can catch your breath for the next thrill.
  10. The music is great! And I don’t think it’s because I’m ready to be done with Frozen‘s soundtrack because I’m not. I love the Frozen soundtrack. Just like I love Moana‘s music. Like I said, we have been singing “How Far I Go” non-stop.

More Information:

Moana opened in Theatres on Wednesday, November 23, 2016. It’s not the traditional Thanksgiving story from the history books, but it’s a great way to enjoy another culture. Find more information, coloring pages and activities here.

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  1. I loved this movie! I love the motivation that came from the grandmother and how Moana ended it by adding her mark to the Chief’s rock.

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