Summertime Together: Ice Cream Shoppes in St. Paul

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My favorite part of summer is eating ice cream.  I used to love popsicles, but no longer.  Popsicles I can take or leave; Ice cream I will never leave.  So if you are out and about this summer and need something cool and refreshing on these muggy July days (oh, so grateful for these days!), let me direct to some of my favorites.


Lynden’s Soda Fountain
490 Hamline Ave. South
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55116
Right next door to The Nook
651 330-7632 (s0da)
Lynden’s Soda Fountain is on Hamline Avenue and Randolph.  It’s across the street from Cretin-Durham Hall School.  It’s an idyllic soda fountain with all the flavor and charm of the 1950’s soda fountains.

The menu includes:  ice cream, sodas, floats, shakes and malts,  egg creams, phosphates, vintage candy, and Dogwood coffee. Everyday but Mondays they offer Mojo Monkey Doughnuts.


Lynden’s  serves 24 out of 100 flavors of  ice cream that comes from The Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream Company of Madison Wisconsin.  The Deadman family has been making this ice cream for over 50 years and they know what they are doing.  If you find an ice cream shoppe that serves this ice cream, you will be pleased.,



Lynden’s Soda Fountain is an experience.  If you can do it and even if only once, it’s totally worth your time.

1197 N. Dale Street
St. Paul, MN  55117







Conny’s Creamy Cone is located on the corner of Maryland and Dale. It’s red and white with a giant ice cream cone reaching out to anyone with an ice cream craving.


Conny’s is open from March to October at 11:00am. In the fall and the spring they close at 9:00 pm and in the summer 9:45 pm.

Conny’s has over 24 flavors of soft serve ice cream.  Flavors like cotton candy, pistachio, blackberry, chocolate, salted caramel, banana, etc.  Everytime I go back, there seems to be a new flavor.  Also, you can twist your desired flavor with vanilla or twist the crunch topping with your ice cream.  YUM!  Dipped cones are an option as well, but the ice cream must be chocolate, vanilla, or traditional twist.  The fancy flavors are too melty to dip.  And if that isn’t enough, you can

If you want a dipped cone, you must get a vanilla, chocolate, or traditional twist cone.  The remaining 24 flavors are too soft to dip.  Not only can you get a dipped cone, you can get a dipped cone with crunch topping.

Look at this lovely!


Conny’s also has chill bars (frozen treats on a stick), flurries, sundaes, malts and shakes, floats, smoothies, and other food and appetizer items.  Don’t forget to  bring an entire package of wipes.  Cleaning up after Conny’s is pretty messy!

750 Grand Avenue
Saint Paul, MN 55101
(651) 293- 1655

4737 Cedar Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55407
(612) 722-2261

HoursSt. Paul 
Fri-Sat: 12-11:00 PM
Mon-Thurs: 11-11:00 PM,
Sunday: 11-10:00 pm
Sun-Thurs: 11-10:00 PM
Fri: 11-11:00 PM Sat: 11-11:00 PM

Grand Ole Creamery is on Grand Avenue in St. Paul and now by Lake Nokomis in Minneapolis.

It’s  a small shoppe that wafts the scent of waffle cones out the front door.



The kiddie cone!  Topped with a malted milk ball.

Flavors we tried

  • Black Hills Gold–caramel ice cream with oreos and pralines and pecans
  • Mac Daddy–butter pecan ice cream with oreos.  This worked out perfectly for Princess Pea since she adores butter pecan and cookies ‘n cream.
  • Foxy Lady–chocolate peanut butter ice cream with chocolate covered pretzels
  • Cookie Monster–butter pecan ice cream with oreos and cookie dough.  And it’s blue.
  • Sampled flavors–Taro.  Taro is a sweet potato type root and the flavor includes bubble teas.  It’s a purple treat and unbelievably refreshing.


 Izzy’s Ice Cream Cafe2034 Marshall Avenue

Saint Paul, MN 55104

Izzy’s Ice Cream Cafe is located on Cleveland and Marshall in the Merriam District of St. Paul, just south of 94.  Currently, they are in the process of building a location in Minneapolis.  They are hoping to have it finished by the end of the summer.
Izzy’s has over 31 flavors of ice cream, sorbet, and non-dairy ice cream every time your visit–made in the shop.

  1. Scoops come in singles, doubles, kiddes.
  2. Cones include cake, sugar, waffle, and the souped up waffle cone–an izzabella.
    1. An izzabella is a waffle cone desserted out to the max–waffle cone dipped in dark chocolate and almonds, with a specialty almond at the bottom, with a scoop of whipped cream and am oblaten cookie.  It is filled with Izzy’s ice cream AND includes a ….get this….fortune!
    2. The scoops correspond with the different sized cones.  So you can get a double scoop in a cake or sugar cone, or you can get a double scoop in a waffle cone.
  3. Other frozen treats include sundaes, izz-a-whirls (like DQ’s blizzards),banana split, root beer floats, frozen pops, izzadaes–need to learn about that).
  4. Specialties for Izzy’s only include hot dish or the Dizzy Izzy.  The hot dish is the an izzy scoop of each of the 31 flavors of the day.  The Dizzy Izzy is 5 izzy scoops in cup or a cone.
  5. Izzy’s is famous for it’s unique flavor and combinations and for it’s izzy scoop.  When you order your cone, they ask what flavor you want and then before they get started on your order, they ask, “What flavor do you want your izzy scoop to be?”
  6. You can use the website and click on the Flavor Up icon on the left to find out what flavors are currently being offered.  Personally, I like going and being surprised.



And there you have it.  Some of my favorite St. Paul ice cream shoppes to check out!  I cannot pick a favorite because they are all so delicious and so unique.  So go check them all out!
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