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You may have guessed by now that the Okee Dokee Brothers are a favorite band among the Family Fun Twin Cities families. They have a unique way of holding onto childhood without being childish. Whether a family is listening to one of their albums, watching their movies or reading their books, parents will enjoy the experience as much as the kids. We spend a lot of car time listening to and belting our hearts out along with The Okee Dokee Brothers. There is a reason these guys are Grammy winners; everyone in the family loves them.

  • Family Fun Twin Cities and the Okee Dokee BrothersFamily Fun Twin Cities and the Okee Dokee Brothers
  • Okee Dokee Brothers at Beth El Synogogue
  • Okee Dokee Brothers at Beth El Synogogue

The Okee Dokee Brothers Team Up With Minnesota Zoo

The Okee Dokee Brothers have collaborated with the Minnesota Zoo to create a song that shares their passion for nature and a mission to encourage kids and families to explore the natural world.  "Countin' on Me," is a song about our responsibility to help save wildlife. In particular, they sing about three species native to Minnesota that the Minnesota Zoo has either restored or is working to restore in the wild – bison, butterflies and trumpeter swans.

Okee Dokee Brothers - Trumpeter Swans

Trumpeter swan, North America's largest waterfowl. Image used with permission courtesy of the Okee Dokee

"After spending some time with the Zoo's conservationists, we noticed they were big on counting. When working with endangered species, it comes down to keeping track of little numbers and weighing probabilities. That's where we came up with the verse idea - We're counting them, I wonder if they're counting on us too,” said The Okee Dokee Brothers.

Okee Dokee Brothers Bison

Image used with permission courtesy of the Okee Dokee Brothers

Proceeds from the purchase of the single will support the Minnesota Zoo and its wildlife conservation efforts. You can check it out here.

Okee Dokee Brothers Cover Art

Image used with permission courtesy of the Okee Dokee, Click on image to purchase from itunes.

Okee Dokee KaraOKEE

Looking for a way to entertain your family on a Friday night? How about Okee Dokee KaraOKEE? You can find this and other songs on YouTube.

The video below is from the Peters Family's first, somewhat unsuccessful, but fun, attempt at Karaoke.

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