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Maplewood Community Center Pool
2100 White Bear Avenue Maplewood, MN 55109
YMCA Memberships available.

Maplewood Community Center was once a joint venture between the city of Maplewood and the YMCA, it now appears to be run solely by the YMCA. As such, memberships are required for use of the swimming pool/water park and a fitness center. Find more information at the YMCA website.

It is recommended that children under 7 swim under adult supervision.

Maplewood Community Center

The community center also has facilities for special events and family programs.However, since it is now solely run by the Y, bookings would need to be arranged through them.

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Maplewood Community Center Pool

The pool is run by the YMCA. If you have a Y membership, it is included in your membership fee. If not, try one these public indoor pools: Family Exercise Fun: Twin Cities Indoor Waterparks and Pools.

Note: According to Twin Cities Frugal Mom, Teens can get free Y memberships at Twin Cities YMCAs.

Maplewood YMCA Offerings

The YMCA offers personal training, group exercise classes and swim lessons. Gym membership includes access to a fitness center, free weights and cardio machines, an aquatic center, and gym. It also offers a variety of sports and activities for kids and teens.

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