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550 Bunker Lake Boulevard NW, Andover, MN 55304

Bunker Park StableThree horses at Bunker Park Stables in Andover Minnesota

When I was a kid and went on family vacations, my parents always let my brother and me  pick an activity of our choosing.  Since we vacationed most often in the Black Hills, my brother would always pick touring a cave which he and my dad did together.  My mom and I were too chicken.  My choice was always horseback riding.

Always.  I always wanted to go on a trail ride because it was the one time a year I got to pretend I was a going to save the day out west.  My horse was always the most dependable horse in the barn, and I was always the most experienced rider.  Yep, once I got on that horse and started plodding along the trail, my imagination took off.

Collage of kids playing at Bunker Stables in Bunker Hills Park, Andover Minnesota

Since the time in the Black Hills, I haven’t been able to ride a horse very often. For me, unfortunately, it was always one of those tourist trap things.  Until I discovered Bunker Park Stable, that is.

Now anytime I want to, I can go for a ride. (trail rides are $34 for an hour and riders must be 8 or older)

Horses at Bunker Park Stables in Andover Minnesota.Where is Bunker Park Stable

Located north of Minneapolis/St. Paul, Bunker Park Stable is 12 miles from 694 just off of Highway 65 on Bunker Lake Boulevard.   You must access the Activities Center entrance and not the main park entrance.  It is a part of the Bunker HIlls Regional Park but is on the north end.

They have 70 horses from ponies to Draft horses and many breeds in between.

Small horses at Bunker Park Stables in Andover MinnesotaIntroducing Bunker Park Stable

Bunker Park Stable is a  large operation.  They offer many different recreational and educational opportunities:  from trail rides to riding lessons, from pioneer education hay rides to marriage proposals, from a homeschool Horse Course to pony lead rides.

Bunker Park Stable  can host  horse parties, pony parties, grooming parties, reunions or they can bring the party to you.  This is the place to go if you want to be close to  horses, but you don’t necessarily want to take lessons.  And yet, if you do want to take lessons, they are offered, too!

Bunker Park Stable Facility

When you drive into the stable parking lot, you will see a big building straight ahead that houses the office and arena. There are some fun kid oriented fun things to do in the yard outside the building.  There are picnic tables and 11 fire pits. The saddles on the log were definitely the favorite of the day.  There is plenty of room for a big party–or two.

Two boys in a barn at Bunker Park Stables in Andover MinnesotaThe building that houses the office also contains a spacious party room  as well as the indoor arena.  This arena is where they offer lessons and the indoor arena ride during scheduled horse parties. This is required for horse parties for 7-8 year olds. If the participants are 9 years and older, they can choose to have a trail ride instead.

Out back of the arena building is the barn where they groom and tack the horses.

Barn Tours with Grooming Pony opportunities are also offered.  The horses are pastured behind the barn and brought into the barn for you.  It’s a great addition to a pony or horse party.

The trails include the pony-led trail around a small wooded area.  It is 25 minute walk/ride.   The riding trail goes into Bunker Hills Regional Park and winds through the beautiful woods for approximately an hour.  These happen in all sorts of weather.

Bunker Park Stable offers so many different options that if you can dream it, there is a good possibility they can do it.  Horse-related, of course.  Do you want lessons?  Contact their office for available sessions.  Do you want to take a trail ride?  Reserve a time and date.  Do you want to have a pony come to your house?  Give them a call.

They would love for you to have an awesome experience with their horses. If it has to do with a horse, anything you want, they’ve got it!

Trailer with sign "Bunker Park Stable - 763-757-9445 - www.bunkerparkstable.comThis article was originally published by Gianna Kordatzky on October 15, 2013, as part of a series of stable reviews. Find them all in our Twin Cities Stables Overview.

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