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We were super excited when Blooma invited Family Fun Twin Cities to try a yoga class, specifically a prenatal yoga class. Don’t get any ideas. Nobody on the FFTC team is pregnant, but yoga is fun. You don’t have to be pregnant to enjoy it. So I found a time on my calendar and made my way over to the new Plymouth location they share with yogamn.

Woman doing yoga at Blooma Prenatal Yoga

Blooma was founded by Sarah Longacre in 2007 with the dream to support women and families. As a certified birth doula and yoga teacher, Sarah married the two to create an “open-hearted community of support for each person who walks through the door.”

Yoga classes are just the tip of the yoga mat at Blooma. They offer classes throughout the day, 7 days a week, for expecting mamas, for baby-wearing mamas, and for all ages starting with your infant in Bring Your Own Baby classes,  movers and crawlers yoga, tots yoga, preschoolers yoga and all the way up.

My prenatal yoga class went by in a snap.  When Brooke Bonney, our yogi, said that it was 75 minutes, I thought to myself, “She must have said 45 minutes.  There’s no way it could be 75 minutes.  I’ve got things to do.  I can’t be here for that long.”

I was wrong.  I enjoyed every minute of the session–the simple introductions and chat at the beginning, the tea and water throughout the session, the dancing to the awesome music, and the resting with a rub-down  at the end. When I left the class, I was trying to figure out how I could make doing yoga at home that wonderful.

Blooma Prenatal Yoga Class in Minneapolis, MN
image courtesy Blooma

5 Reasons to Be a Blooma Family & Why It is More Than Yoga

1. Relaxing and Welcoming Environment

  • You are greeted with an intentional smile and a warm welcome.  Even newbies (like me) are not singled out.  At the beginning of class, we took 15 minutes to introduce ourselves and answer a simple but thought-provoking question.  We were invited to bring water and tea into the room with us.  And the mats and equipment were all laid out for each person who was scheduled for the class.  There was a place for everyone.

2. Developed with Mamas in Mind

  • The monthly membership fee includes classes for mom and her kiddos.
  • Childcare is offered in the Minneapolis and St. Paul locations (they are busy sites).
  • Massage, Chiropractic care, Acupuncture, and Counseling are offered services.
  • Workshops are plentiful including:  Writing Your Birth Story, Cloth Diapering (with Do Good Diapers), CPR Training, and more

3. $10 Happy Hour Classes

The genius team at Blooma offers Happy Hour classes to potential (and existing) clients to give Blooma a try before committing. These classes will say “$10” in the title.

4. Growing Community

  • Women need community (as do men), and Blooma’s desire is to create an environment where everyone is welcome whether it’s to be active and relieve stress or to get emotional support. Through different support groups, counseling, barre and yoga classes, Blooma is all about community. “You can come and let Greta kick your butt in a barre class or you can come, cry, and have lunch.” -Laura Gillespie
  • Blooma’s New Mama Group is a free service where new mamas can connect, ask questions, laugh, cry, and relieve the tension of the transition into life with a baby.

5. Membership Options.

I wanted to love Blooma, and I did!  I felt welcomed, stretched, relaxed, and wonderful.

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