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Rick and Angela Blesi are St. Paul residents and grandparents who created the Sticking with Family books to share with their own grandchild. These personalized sticker books were designed to help grandparents connect with young grandchildren no matter how close together or far apart they live. Each book comes with stickers made from photos of the grandparents and grandchildren’s faces. The child can then put themselves and their grandparents into the stories as the books are read to them.

These books were created for grandparents to read with their grandchildren, but if the grandparents live far away, parents could read the books with their children to remind them of their grandparents. The books were created for children between the ages of 2 and 5, but could be adjusted for slightly older and younger kids.

Books are only available through their website.

Sticking With Family Visits Bookhounds

In June of 2017, Angela and Rick Blesi visited bookhounds to share their sticker books with our book club families. Gianna shared a video of that visit on Facebook. Click the link below to view it.

See A Video of the Blesis's visit to Bookhounds Here

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