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2661 Civic Center Dr, St Paul, MN 55113
(651) 792-7007
Admission: $7.00
Open Hockey / Public Skating: $7; Skate Rental: $5
Building times vary by season

The Roseville Skating Center is a community facility with both an indoor ice arena and an outdoor skate park. The indoor arena is North America's largest sheet of refrigerated ice. Family offerings include skating lessons, public skating, open hockey, speed skating lessons, and other skating activities. Public skating times vary by season and availability. Find current schedules HERE.

Roseville Skating CenterRoseville Skating Center Ice Arena

The Roseville Ice Arena is the indoor portion of the skating center. It offers year-round ice for hockey, figure skating, skating lessons, and general public skating. There is also a walking track surrounding the 2000-capacity spectator area.

Roseville Skating Center - OVAL

The Guidant John Rose MN OVAL is an outdoor recreation facility. Ice is made from November to March. The OVAL closes when the windchill is -25 degrees or lower. From May through September, the OVAl is used for inline skating.

Roseville Skating Center - Birthday Parties

The Roseville Skating Center has banquet rooms available for rent, starting at $60. Caterers are required for any food served.

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