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66 South St. Albans Street, St. Paul MN 55105
Admission: $7.00
Tours by Appointment

The Julian H Sleeper House is billed as “St. Paul’s Gilded Age Historic House Museum of Decorative Arts“. It is a small, appointment-only museum in a historic house formerly owned by, you guessed it, someone named Julian H. Sleeper. You can learn more about him on the museum website or by taking the tour.

The museum is a private residence, which is owned and curated by Dr. Seth C. Hawkins, who also acts as tour guide to the house and his museum collection of Gilded Age decorative arts within it.

You can get an overview of the various rooms within the house on the museum’s website. If your kids are small, this looks like a a great outing to pair with the book, The Lost House by B. B. Cronin. Since the museum is just off of Grand Avenue, you could make a stop at The Red Balloon Bookshop to search for a copy.

Note that there are stairs to climb for the tour and, since this museum is also a residence, antiques will not be behind barriers.

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