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Eidem Homestead, Brooklyn Park

4345 101st Ave N, Brooklyn Park, MN 55443, United States
Admission: $ 5.00
Cost: $5 at the door, kids 4 and under free
Seasonal hours vary

Eidem Homestead is a working farm on ten acres in Brooklyn Park. The farm, property and home have all been restored to the period 1890 – 1910. Families can visit the Victorian house, as well as the farm and its animals. Volunteers keep the farm running, baking in the kitchen, working in the garden and on the laundry and caring for the farm. They also have seasonal activities. Find a calendar of events here.

One thing we particularly enjoy about Eidem farm over some of the other historical homesteads in the area, is their motto:

At Eidem Homestead, “don’t touch” becomes, “look, listen, taste, smell and touch.”

When we visited, I sat down and played the piano; we climbed up into the children's bedrooms and played with toys; and we helped with various 'chores' around the farm.

There are picnic tables in the yard for visitors who want to bring a lunch. Since Eidem Farms is in Brooklyn Park, grocery stores are easy to find on the way.

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