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Close to Lake Nokomis, Solomon Park in Minneapolis is a mostly undeveloped park with an archery range. Its 45 acres offer plenty of green space, fields, hills, wetlands and a small pond. This park is home to a bald eagle nest. The resident eagle often can be seen hunting around Lake Nokomis.

Archery at Solomon Park

This park provides target bales for Archery practice. The range is located at the intersection of East 58th Street and 15th Avenue South. Minneapolis parks do not provide equipment or targets. Find More Archery Ranges around the Twin Cities.

Archery at Solomon Park, Minneapolis
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Solomon Park Monitoring Wells

While the MPRB has no immediate plans to develop this park, they are installing groundwater monitoring wells in December of 2018. These wells will be used to track the vertical flow of groundwater in the Nokomis area.

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