Trampoline Park Broken Leg – It Happened To Us

Kids bouncing at Zero Gravity Trampoline Park

It was Tori’s birthday, and we were going to spend the day together as a family and with some great friends.  First, by volunteering at Feed My Starving Children. Then, by hanging out at Zero Gravity Trampoline Park for the afternoon.  Finally, we were going to top the evening off with cake and presents.

Except, that’s not exactly what happened.

We headed over to Feed My Starving Children with the crew–our friends George and Shyan, Sam and Beth and our family–and got right to work.  Tori enjoyed herself so much that she can’t wait to go back.  The icing on the cake was that the birthday girl received a free t-shirt for celebrating her birthday with FMSC.  However, that’s not why she loved it.

Volunteering with Kids

It was Dash’s first time there, as well.  At age 6, there isn’t much that you can truly contribute to, but FMSC put him to work. He was an intregal part of our team, and he knew it!  For the entire 2 hours, Dash enjoyed himself thoroughly.

After lunch at Chik-fil-a, we headed over to Zero Gravity Trampoline Park for two hours of jumping excitement.  This  is what Tori was most excited about.  We checked in, signed our waivers, received our jump passes and were off.

Zero Gravity Trampoline Park in Moundsview Minnesota
Dashing around in a blur!

The first hour passed by in a blur. Jumping in the foam pit, leaping from trampoline to trampoline on the grid, trying to dunk a basketball, playing dodge ball. The mini-troupe–all the kids–started playing Follow the Leader with Daddy and  George.

And that’s when it happened.

Chris heard a scream of pain from Dash and turned to see him crumpled on the trampoline.  At Chris’s direction, everyone stopped jumping to see what was going on.  Dash couldn’t be moved without shrieking in pain.  So the decision was made to bring him to the hospital.  We loaded him in the van with our friend Beth sitting next to him comforting him for the entire 25 minute drive to Children’s Hospital (Minneapolis)  and me making quiet conversation with Dash and Beth while trying not to cry.

Everyone went back into the building and finished their jump time–Tori scared for her brother and feeling guilty that it was her fault. Our friends George, Shyan and Sam assured me that they would celebrate Tori’s birthday in my absence and with the rest of the family.

Homemade Star-Shaped Cake with white frosting and blue icing
Happy Birthday Cake

Dash and I spent 8 hours at Children’s confirming it was a broken leg after six x-rays and some pain relief.  We went home with a splint, strong painkillers and an appointment for the orthopaedic surgeon.  (That’s a completely different story!)

Boy in hospital bed at Children's Hospital in Minneapolis Minnesota
Children’s Hospital Knows Kids!

Why We’ll Keep Going to Zero Gravity

This incident, by no means, prevents me from returning to Zero Gravity.  While it was a horrible experience, these things happen. It’s a part of growing up. I am not one to say we will never go back. (Dash currently is saying that, but I think he will change his mind.)

And  for that first hour, we had a blast.  The kids enjoyed themselves thoroughly.


  • Open all year
  • Laser Tag (although not for the little ones)
  • Arcade (This could be a highlight or a disadvantage depending on your perspective)
  • Foam Pit
  • 2 Dodgeball Arenas are separate from the Open Jump grid
  • Slam dunk “Court”
  • Tot Time on Friday mornings from 11:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
  • Tween Time on Saturday evenings
  • Teen Time on Friday evenings
  • Aerobics Class on Tuesday night and Saturday morning
  • Lots of parking


  • It’s expensive.  The Tot time is just $6.99 for an hour and $2 for a pair of Zero Gravity socks and parents MUST jump and can jump for free WITH Zero Gravity socks.  But other than that it costs $10.99 for your first hour with discounted rates for additional time.
  • It’s busy. There are many sold out blocks of time. Call to make sure you can still come.
  • The staff does not look like it’s having fun. They look like a bunch of bored teenagers.

Watching my kids fly through the air with huge grins on their faces was completely exhilarating. We will go back, but only when Dash is ready to try again.

Published on: Jan 16, 2015
by Gianna Kordatzky

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