YOXO Open House and Green Gifts Fair

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You never know what the day will hold if you just decide to try something new.  So we did.



I wasn’t going to go since we are so busy, and we haven’t really had a free weekend since — honestly, I don’t even know when we had our last free weekend.  So we weren’t going to go. 

Not because I didn’t want to.  I knew the kids would love it, and I love their stuff.  So when my very own mother was invited, she said, “That sounds like fun!  Do you want to go?”, who was I to deny her. 

Trevor--the happy machine operator

Trevor–the happy machine operator

Down to St. Paul we traveled to the YOXO Workshop Open House.  Walking in, we were greeted enthusiastically.  And in return, my kids jumped on Trevor–the machine operator.  We met Jeff’s son and daughter–two more towheads that would fit perfectly into my family. and went on the official tour.  

Benny--waterjet cutter

Benny–waterjet cutter

First and foremost, we met Bennie, the waterjet cutter.  Think laserjet but instead of fire, it’s shooting water.  Did I write down the specs?  Of course not.  Just know that there is a ton of water forced through a teeny little hole at the speed of sound.

Meanwhile Kyla and Tori were going to town on the piles of YOXO pieces on the floor and table: creating 3D works of art.  There was coloring and a YOXObot display case for you to display your creation.  

Grandma was so proud of herself for making Orig

Grandma was so proud of herself for making Orig

We ate cookies, drank coffee, enjoyed the YOXO museum while talking to other YOXO lovers.  And my boys ventured into the land unknown with Jeff’s kids. 


Maze of Boxes

Maze of Boxes

We had a blast!  I’m really glad my mom wanted to go. 


Green ice cream at Green Gifts Fair

Green ice cream at Green Gifts Fair

Next on the list: Green Gift Fair at Midtown Global Market.  We packed the kids into the car including my daughter who was not feeling well, and drove over to Minneapolis.

Unfortunately, we did not plan our day well.  It would have been better to hit the MGM in the morning.  By the time we headed over there at 3:00, it was pretty crowded and we were tired.  We still managed to enjoy ourselves.  We stopped by Moss Envy’s table,  Peapod’s Table and a few others.  We also made reuseable gift bags.  Well, the kids did anyway.  

DSCF9082 DSCF9081 DSCF9080

We ended the day with ice cream.  Except for me.  I decided to get a coffee at Mapps and to avoid a 50 cent surcharge on my card, I chose to buy a $2 piece of lemon cake.  Delicious?  Yes.  Did I save money?  Good grief!


While I am not brilliant, we sure did have a fun day!


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