Wood From the Hood

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woodfromthehoodcollageHere’s another unique idea for Christmas that you may want to consider.  While it’s doesn’t have many kid-friendly products, your family is not solely children and you would be hard-pressed to find something this unique.

Let me introduce you to Wood From the Hood.


Rick and Cindy Siewart began Wood From the Hood in 2008 with their partner Jon Buck when an Ash tree was taken down from their yard. They didn’t want to lose it to a landfill, so instead they chose to repurpose it.  They had 25 years in the commercial cabinetry business and had an idea to save the trees in the metro.  Save them in an unconventional way.

Trees from the neighborhood may need to be removed, but they can be reclaimed and used for high-quality wood products.

  • Custom-made tables,
  • flooring,
  • picture frames,
  • cribbage boards,
  • cutting boards,
  • growth charts,
  • Minnesota ornaments
  • and more.

growth chart2One of their best sellers is the growth chart.  Since they can use almost any type of wood, the growth charts are all unique, and the customer can choose the style they like best.  They measure from 18 inches to six feet, four inches.  They are  six inches wide at the base, made of natural wood, and are available finished and unfinished.  All the mounting hardware comes with your purchase.  These growth charts are a simple and yet beautiful addition to a bedroom or a family gathering room.

Cindy explains how they came up with the idea for the growth charts. “When we bought our house, the previous owners had measured their children on the door jam(like so many people do). We told them we where remodeling and they where welcome to take the door jam with all the memories of their children’s height. They didn’t remove it so we took it off and stuck it outside. It stuck up along the fence for awhile so we looked out at it often. Then one day our idea was born.”

It was difficult for Cindy to choose a favorite product, but after some hemming and hawing, she finally settled on their cutting boards. She chose them because they get used the most frequently and they are so unique and similar all at the same time.

The one thing that sets Wood From the Hood apart from other companies is that they take each of their products from the log all the way through manufacturing.  And their stuff is high-end quality.

You can purchase their products from Wood From the Hood’s website store or a variety of retailers around the twin cities including



images are courtesy of Wood From the Hood, used with permission


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