Wee Wednesday at Midtown Global Market

Wee Wednesday at Midtown Global Market has the potential to be a great morning outing this fall – especially if the cooler temps are moving you indoors. The program’s got all the elements of a power playdate: a (free!) structured group activity (dance class, puppet show, cooking lesson), more than 20 ethnic vendors offering lunch, and an enclosed play area where the little ones can mingle and parents can chat. The event, designed for ages 5 and under, begins at 10:30 at the market stage and runs about 45 minutes, making it very convenient to then grab lunch and play a bit before the youngins start to yawn.

Roe Family SingersFamily Friendly Entertainment like the Roe Family Singers. Image courtesy Roe Family Singers

Dining at Wee Wednesday

Now that I’ve gone and promoted the program, a word of caution: it might be wise to read up a little on the food vendors before you go. I’ve had some good meals at the market (Manny’s Tortas and Holy Land Deli come to mind), but at least one dreadful lunch as well. It’s possible to read reviews of most of the vendors by clicking on their links in the merchant directory. Several offer special deals on Wednesday until 1 p.m.

Parking Validation

Also, if you eat or shop at the market make sure to get your parking ticket validated! The amount of time the mall will validate has fluctuated over the years. At one point it was 3 hours, then it was 1 1/2 hours.  In 2021, it became 1 hour.  It doesn’t hurt to ask for validation.

Play Area at Midtown Global Market

I should also mention that when we visited, the kids’ play area was quite careworn, you might say.

Wee Wednesdays Midtown Global Market

Wee Wednesday Entertainment

On the bright side, my girls loved the programming from Cowles Center for Dance. There was a themed story, music and some fresh creative movement. Check the Events Calendar when planning your visit to see what the cultural entertainment of the week will be. Regulars include the Roe Family Singers and Papa Siama. You’ll find more about many of the regular Wee Wednesday entertainers here.

Disclaimer: This article was last updated in September of 2017. It has been awhile since our kids were young enough for Wee Wednesdays. If you’ve had a memorable time eating, shopping or playing at Midtown Global Market recently, we’d love to hear about it in the comments!

Finding Our Way Around Midtown Global Market

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