Visit the Magical Ice Castles

Ice Castles 2020 is closed for the Season, the downside of this lovely warm winter. Stay tuned for Ice Castles 2021.

Ice Castles has moved around the Twin Cities from year and to year; but it’s always a good time. In the past it has been at the MOA, Eden Prairie, Stillwater, and Excelsior. In 2020, it was at Long Lake Park in New Brighton. Quite LITERALLY in my backyard! Where will 2021 be? Check back in December of 2020 to find out. We’ll keep update as soon as its announced.

What is Ice Castles?

It’s spectacular. Make sure you bundle up in all your layers so that you can safely spend lots of time at the icy palace to get the best value for the ticket price.

In 2013, the Mall of America was host to one of Brent Christensen’s Ice Castles. At the time I didn’t realize what I was missing out on by not visiting it. However, in 2015, I made sure to not miss out. I packed up the kids and drove out to Eden Prairie’s Miller Park just off Hwy 212.

Ice Castle Fun: 

Brent Christensen created this beautiful annual kingdom of ice after moving from warm, sunny California to snowy Utah. He likes to experiment and play around and the snow and ice of Utah were the perfect vehicle for his creativity. 

Ice Castle Beauty

Enjoying Ice Castles in Eden Prairie

Since 2011, he has been creating this masterpieces for the public all over the country.  Many different locations around the county have hosted and are hosting an Ice Castle. Each location creates a unique experience–even though they use many of the same elements, tunnels, waterfalls, ice, etc. 

What to expect from Ice Castles

  • Perfect Setting for pictures. Bring your cameras. If you don’t, you will kick yourself. You are walking into the Land of the Ice Princess. Weather permitting there will be fire dancers on the weekends and maybe some of your favorite princesses.
  • Hot chocolate, coffee, cider, cookies, and sandwiches for sale. 
  • A frozen tube slide or two 
  • Ample opportunities to crawl into tunnels and play hide and seek (although I don’t recommend that since lots of people are visiting and you may actually lose your children).
Ice Castle Priince

Chilling out with a broken leg on his Ice Castle Throne

Minnesota Ice Castles 2020 Information & Coupon Codes

  • Location: Long Lake Park, New Brighton
  • Dates: January 17, 2020-mid March, 2020
    Buy your tickets online to ensure your entrance. Ice Castles will stop selling tickets at the door when they have reached capacity.

Looking for Coupon Codes? Our two favorite sites for finding discounts on events like these are Thrifty Minnesota and Twin Cities Frugal Mom.

Ice Castles in Minnesota

This article was originally written by Gianna in 2014
and is updated with current information annually


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