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Explore Magical Ice Castles - Family Fun Twin Cities

Ice Castles frozen wonderland with all the winter excitement of a fairytale wonderland is being planned for Maple Grove, Minnesota in 2024. Here is what to expect when you visit.

Moving to Maple Grove in 2024, make sure you bundle up in all your layers so that you can safely spend lots of time at the icy palace to get the best value for the ticket price. This event will particularly delight your favorite Frozen fans. However, not just the kids, but the whole family will enjoy an Ice Castles visit.

What is Ice Castles?

Well, we are not talking about the 1978 Movie, but you are welcome to play its theme song, Eyes of Love, in your ear buds while you explore. Ice Castles is a spectacular creation by professional ice artists featuring sculptures, fountains, thrones, ice caverns, a winter chandelier and passageways — all in castles made of hand-placed icicles. The Twin Cities is one of only 5 North American locations for this ice adventure. Other locations include New Hampshire, New York, Utah and Wisconsin.

In 2013, the Mall of America was the first Twin Cities host to one of Brent Christensen’s Ice Castles. At the time I didn’t realize what I was missing out on by not visiting it. However, in 2015, I made sure to not miss out. I packed up the kids and drove out to Eden Prairie’s Miller Park just off Hwy 212.

Ice Castle Fun:

Brent Christensen created this beautiful annual kingdom of ice after moving from warm, sunny California to snowy Utah. He likes to experiment and play around and the snow and ice of Utah were the perfect vehicle for his creativity.Ice Castle Beauty

Since 2011, he has been creating this masterpieces for the public all over the country.  Many different locations around the country have hosted and are hosting an Ice Castle. Each location creates a unique experience–even though they use many of the same elements, tunnels, waterfalls, ice, etc.

What to expect from your 2024 Minnesota Ice Castles Visit

  • Perfect Setting for pictures and special occasions. Bring your cameras. If you don’t, you will kick yourself. Guests of all ages are walking into the Land of the Ice Princess. Weather permitting there will be fire dancers on the weekends and maybe some of your favorite princesses.
  • Outdoor fun: This event is not only entirely outdoors, it is on a frozen lake. You know the drill: wear boots, dress in layers, hats, gloves, etc. In other words, dress like a Minnesotan on ice.
  • Castle Quest: Make fun new discoveries as you solve puzzles and riddles in this escape-room style game.
  • Hot chocolate, coffee, cider, cookies, and sandwiches for sale. Grown ups can get winter-themed adult beverages at the Ice Bar.
  • Think, What would Elsa build? An award-winning, fairytale frozen attraction, that’s what. Exhilarating ice slides, an ice cave, frozen ice sculptures, crawl spaces, archways.
  • An Ice Maze. Didn’t get enough corn maze during the fall? How about an maze made of ice?
  • Ample opportunities to crawl tunnels and play hide and seek (although I don’t recommend that since lots of people are visiting and you may actually lose your children).

Ice Castle Priince

Minnesota Ice Castles 2024 Information & Coupon Codes

  • Location: Near Maple Grove Community Center, 12500 82nd Ave N, Maple Grove, MN 55369
    Dates: Closed Tuesdays. Dates & hours and hours are weather-dependent. January through mid-February.
  • Tickets:
    • Weekday (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday) Pricing: $11/child; $15/adult;
    • Weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) Pricings: $15/child; $22/adult.
    • Holiday Pricing: Expect to pay higher rates equal to the weekend pricing on the Martin Luther King (January 16) & Presidents Day (February 20) school holidays.
    • Illumination Trail: This light walk guides you out as you leave the exhibit.

Ice Castles in Minnesota

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This article was originally written by Gianna in 2014
and is updated with current information annually

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95 thoughts on “Visit Beautiful Ice Castles in 2024”

    1. Gianna Kordatzky

      If you purchase tickets for a certain time, it’s important to be there close to that time. There’s no guarantee admittance if you aren’t there at the right time.

  1. I would love to take my girls, we have never been before and I can’t wait to see it! Very excited! With a new relationship This is going to be the first time our kids will meet, we thought it was the perfect environment! I’m hoping Anna & Elsa are there, my daughters love Frozen. This is going to be an amazing outdoor event for all of us! Either way we are going, was just hoping to save a few bucks along the way. Good luck everyone!!!

  2. We love spending time at our cabin in northern MN fishing, snowmobiling, and just getting out into the winter weather!

  3. We utilize indoor play centers like the lookout ridge, the blast and the giggle factory. Minnesota zoo is always a hit along with the science museum. And regular visits to the gym for that childcare!

  4. Snowshoeing in our backyard, sledding and making snowmen. When we want to stay inside, checking out the MN Children’s Museum!

  5. Our family loves to go sledding, build snow forts, have snowball fights, play snow football! This year we plan to introduce our kids to ice skating!

  6. We all go sledding every year. Even if you are all grown up- there is a sensation of joy when you are zooming down the hill and land in a bunch of snow!

  7. We’re a downhill skiing family! Welch is our resort of choice. But also skating, snowshoeing and XC skiing. Make the best of winter!

  8. Andrea Miltenberger

    Last year my husband started a tradition of building a quinzhee in our backyard. They pile up all the snow and then dig a cave out of it. We’re trying to do it this year but we need more snow!

  9. We love sledding. We make it a fun outdoors type of picnic, bringing hot chocolate in thermos’, cookies, and granola along for snacks.

  10. Snow forts and colored snow are 2 of our favorites(and I don’t mean yellow either! like with spray bottles and food coloring/water mix thing it’s a fun thing to do. Adds a little color to those magical snow forts!

  11. My kids like to eat lots and lots of snow, cry about a cold face then come in and drink hot chocolate. They’re 2 and 4.

  12. One of the ways my family and I enjoy winter, besides sledding, is going geocaching. Winter brings on extra challenges that are fun to try meet in that hobby. Some geocaches, like caches hidden on islands or in swamps, can only be located during the freezing winter.

  13. This winter has been a bit too cold for us so it has been a lot of baking, crafts and Netflix. But when it’s nice, we go sledding or for a walk on the ice behind our house. Trying to stay active when all you want to do is cuddle up is hard!

  14. We enjoy the winter by doing various things like going to Bentleyville in Duluth, Kiwanis Holiday lights in Mankato, doing a Holiday Lights Rally Race, attending ice races, sledding, playing in the snow, etc! Lots to do in MN!

  15. Our family just moved to Minnesota 2 weeks ago! We haven’t done anything winter related but are really looking forward to ice skating, tubing , and broom hockey. We would love to visit these ice castles!!

  16. we enjoy the winters here in Minnesota by going sledding and ice staking. This year we plan on taking our 3 yr old snow shoeing!

  17. Our family has fun sledding, making snowmen, and having snowball fights! Grandkids love going to grandpa’s and being pulled behind the four-wheel on the sled. Then after being able to inside for hot chocolate.

  18. We love sledding and belly boggining during the winter. Thankfully we have two pint size hills in our yard for our two pint size ladies so we get out as often as we can!

  19. I’m not a big winter lover, but my husband and kids definitely are. We live near the best sledding hill I’ve ever seen in my life, and they get out there just about any day the temps are above 20!

  20. Our Family has had a tradition that started in 1987. the first few years we built Ice Castles out of blocks of Ice cut out of a nearby lake. In more recent years it has changed to Ice Carvings instead using miscellaneous tools such as a chain saw and other carving types of tools. After carving our masterpieces we enjoy a nice potluck meal. Super fun time for all! Excited for this years event!

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