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404 North 2nd Avenue, Minneapolis, MN, USA
This park has not been built yet.

Also known as the, “Downtown Breakroom Skatepark“, Skyway Commons Pocket Park is still in the imaginary stage. While this will be a project of the Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board (“MPRB”), the land is currently owned by MNDOT. This space was initially identified as a potential “park-like” space in MPRB’s Downtown Service Area Master Plan. An agreement has been approved with the Midwest Skateboard Alliance for the planning and possible fundraising for a skate park in this space. Click here to see the full vision for this currently under-utilized space.


SkyWay Commons Pocket Park
Vision of the future park courtesy of Damon Farber and Mark Leski. Click here to learn more.

12/27/19 update:

Over two years after this directory entry was originally made, there appears to be little to no progress on Skyway Commons Pocket Park. However, the plan has not been dropped. The non-profit City of Skate, has begun working in collaboration with MPRB to develop and improve skate parks throughout Minneapolis. Plus, a Friends of SCPP has been created to support the efforts of MPRB to build this park space.

Learn More About MPRB’s Skate Park Activity Plan here.

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  1. Ojibway Park and Skate Park, Woodbury
  2. Burnsville Lions Skate Park
  3. 3rd Lair SkatePark, Golden Valley
  4. Elliot Park, Minneapolis
  5. Bottineau Field Park, Minneapolis

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