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Pedro Park Urban Flower Field
114 E 10th St, Saint Paul, MN 55101, United States

Donated by the Pedro family, Pedro Park is a formerly-vacant, downtown plot of land that will eventually be developed into a permanent park. It is currently the site of the “Urban Flower Field” project. St. Paul is currently seeking funding for this park project. For now, we cam enjoy the gardens and attend community theater and music programs at this park space.

Pedro Park Urban Flower Field

The Urban Flower Field was built to be “intersection of art, science, a community and a civic process”. Installed in 2014, it is part of an initiative to turn vacant spaces into community gathering places. The Urban Flower Field is a low-cost way to beautify this space for the short-term until the permanent park is built.

Pedro Park Urban Flower Field
Image courtesy City of St. Paul

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