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3501 Lexington Avenue South, Eagan, MN, USA 55123
3542 Widgeon Way, Eagan, MN 55123

O’Leary Park in Eagan has family-friendly amenities that include hiking trails, a playground, sun shelter, charcoal grill, canoe launch. There are no restroom facilities at this park.

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Facilities for Family Fun at O’Leary Park

  1. charcoal grill/ sun shelter
  2. playground,
  3. hard court
  4. walking path
  5. canoe launch
  6. Canoe Bench at O’Leary Park by Greg Ingraham

Canoe Bench by Greg Ingraham

“In a community feedback project called “Eagan Forward,” the Eagan community shared the need for additional resting spaces along the extensive walking trail system. In 2017, Parks & Recreation installed twelve new benches. Of those, four were designed and created by artists to represent the unique landscape.”

  1. How does this bench represent the unique landscape of O’Leary Park?
  2. The artist likes to use stone, metal, wood, concrete and repurposed/recycled materials in his works. Which of these materials do you see in Canoe?

Learn more about the artist here.

Birthday Parties in the Sun Shelter

This park does not accept reservations and does not have restroom facilities, so it is not ideal for birthday parties. If you are willing to chance it, the sun shelter can be used on first-come basis and holds up to 25 people. There is a charcoal grill available.

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