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Located across Fernbrook Lane from the Maple Grove Arboretum, Lakeview Knolls Park is a 15 acre Maple Grove park. Family-friendly amenities include a playground, walking paths and sports courts and fields.

7 Ideas for Family Fun at Lakeview Knolls

  1. Enjoy the playground. While the playground equipment is pretty standard, it is large with a sand floor, and there are plenty of shady spots for parents to sit while the kids run of the energy.

  2. Take a family walk or bike ride. The paths through this park meet up with the arboretum paths that connect to more paths. You can keep the walk short and stay in this park or make it a day-long family bike ride – just starting and ending at this park.
  3. Climb a tree. This park has some decent climbing trees, especially along the walking path.

    Climbing Tree
  4. Bring your basketball for a game of one-on-one.
  5. Run the bases, practice baseball skills or play a game of kickball on the baseball diamonds.
  6. Try pickleball. The park has 6 courts. Pickleball and tennis courts have different lines, but you could really play either on these courts.
  7. Check out the old Village Hall building. This is also where you will find restrooms. Built in 1939, this was the third town hall of Maple Grove. In 1954, Maple Grove incorporated into a village, and the building became the “Village Hall”. When Maple Grove became a city in 1974, a new town hall was built and this building became the community building it is today. Up until a few years ago, community groups could rent the building for private events, but it does not currently appear to be rentable.

Pedal Feature

Nature Play Area

The city and school district collaborated on a Nature Play Area for Arbor View Early Childhood Center, which is located adjacent to Lakeview Knolls, just across Fernbrook from the Maple Grove Arboretum. The play area is designed for younger kids – up to age 8. It is on park property and open to the public during non-school hours. This play area has a mud kitchen designed to look like a giant bird’s nest as well as the features we have come to expect in nature playgrounds:

  • Sand area
  • Water area
  • Building and climbing area
  • Willow tunnels
  • Slack Line
  • Hammock area

Not the Lakeview Knolls Park You Are Looking For?

Who would have thought there would be two parks in the Twin Cities with the name Lakeview Knolls. There is. And, they are on opposite sides of the metro, a good 45 minutes apart, so you don’t want to confuse them. If you are looking for Lakeview Knolls Park in Woodbury, click here.

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