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Kenilworth Channel
Burnham Road Bridge, Minneapolis
Cedar Lake, Minneapolis, MN, USA

The Kenilworth Channel connects the Lake of the Isles with Cedar Lake allowing small watercrafts (ie canoes, kayaks) to travel between the two lakes and their parks. The Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board will reconstruct and update this channel in 2021 due to failing retaining walls. The channel will be closed during this repair work and is expected to re-open in spring 2022.

The image below, shows the current channel with its failing retaining walls.

The Kenilworth Channel between Lake of the Isles and Cedar Lake
Photo of current channel – Image courtesy MPRB

Kenilworth Channel Concept Plan

The Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board commenced the a channel naturalization and shoreline stabilization project to naturalize and stabilize the channel’s shoreline between the Burnham Road Bridge and Cedar Lake (see map below), adding valuable habitat to the area as a result. The ecologically-based bank solution to repairing the dilapidated channel walls will be designed with consideration for resiliency, public safety and aquatic and habitat benefit.

The work is expected to narrow the channel slightly and will focus on stabilizing erosion, adding native plantings, improving habitat for upland and aquatic animal species, and removing the failing retaining walls along both sides of the channel.

The image below is a rendering of the Kenilworth Channel Concept Plan created by the park system as part of the planning process.

Kenilworth Channel Concept
Rendering of Kenilworth Channel Concept Plan courtesy of MPRB

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