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2927 N Irving Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55411
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Located in North Minneapolis, Jordan Park's most recent renovations included the planting of trees and new playground equipment in 2007. It is due for additional updates in 2022, including a new wading pool.

Jordan Park Wading Pool

The park shares space with Hmong International School; therefore, its wading pool opens after school releases in early June and closes before school resumes in late August. There are no lifeguards on duty. Summer wading pool hours are 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

NOTE: During replacement of the existing pool, the pool will likely be closed, Find more Free Minneapolis Wading Pools.

Coming Updates to Jordan Park

MPRB has announced coming improvements to Jordan Park beginning in 2022. Updates will include replacing the park's existing pool and adding restrooms and a range of pool amenities, as shown in the draft concept plan pictured below.

Planned Updates Include:

  • Improved wading pool in same general location
  • Improved traditional play area in a new location
  • Removal of baseball diamond and sand volleyball pit in favor of larger multi-use field space
  • New full-court basketball on school property adjacent to park
  • New naturalized areas around wading pool
  • Community gardens in southwestern corner of site
  • Enhanced picnic areas and open lawn around the pavillion
  • New restrooms

Detail of DRAFT concept plan for pool, restrooms and other improvements at Jordan Park in Minneapolis Minnesota
Image courtesy of MPRB 9/3/21 Email

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