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1564 Lafond Ave, Saint Paul, MN 55104, United States
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Saint Paul City-owned and operated parks are open from sunrise to 11:00 p.m. unless otherwise posted

Hamline Park in Saint Paul is a small park on Snelling Avenue, a couple blocks south of Hamline Midway Library. It offers family-friendly amenities that include a playground, space to picnic with a BBQ Grill, trails and sports courts. The trails divide the park into four quadrants: a northern section with a large playground, an eastern section with the sports courts, other play equipment and bike racks and green space covering the other half. The trail leading up to the playground has colorful bear prints to lead the way.

7 Ideas for Family Fun at Hamline Park

  1. Play a game of follow the leader on the large new playground. The size of it makes this an ideal playground for adults to join in.
  2. Bring a basketball and practice your free throws. You can even do this with the little ones, because they have a short basket that is maybe 3 feet tall.
  3. Or bring a playground ball to play dodge ball in the green space.
  4. Pack a picnic, maybe even use the BBQ Grill to make it a hot picnic.
  5. Make it a two-fer and take a walk to the library to cool off or warm up.
  6. Go on a bear hunt, following the bear prints along the path.
  7. Try out the new mini-pitch futsal court that recently replaced the tennis courts.

What is Futsal?

Updates to Hamline Park

St. Paul updated the playground in 2021. The new play areas include five new swings (one of which is wheelchair accessible), five new slides and multiple climbers to access the play equipment deck, and a new frog to climb specifically geared towards younger users (ages 2-5).

Improvements included:

  • Expansive new play equipment that includes a wheelchair accessible ramp
  • A separate toddler area that is close enough to the main play area so parents can watch multiple children at the same time
  • Paved pathways, and
  • Safety surfacing.

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Hamline Park in Saint Paul

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