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Dickerman Park is currently undergoing a full renovation.Dickerman Park in St. Paul is a quarter-mile stretch of land just north of the Green Line light rail between Fairview Avenue and Aldine Street. Because of its proximity to the light rail, it is sometimes referred to as “Green Line Park”. The space is currently being overhauled as part of an effort to add vibrant gathering spaces along the Green Line corridor.

Improvements will incorporate the oak trees already occupying the space and add new concrete walks, a lighted plaza, with seating, bike racks, and a lawn. Plantings will include brightly colored gardens that span the park’s entire width and highlight the oaks. 

Rendering of the Future Dickerman Park
Image courtesy of the City of St. Paul

The park gets its name from the Dickerman family who donated the space to the City of St. Paul in 1909. The Dickerman’s wished the space to be used as a park. Over the years, it has been used playground among other things.

Glow-In-The-Dark Sculpture at Dickerman Park

You may have noticed something glowing at the park recently. “Comforting Climate” is a newly commissioned public sculpture by artists, Aaron Dysart and Amanda Lovelee. The interactive public art sculpture are made of fiberglass from molds made of real boulders and light up as the sun goes down. The colors correspond to the outdoor temperature. In colder weather, they will glow pink and red and in warmer weather, purple and blue.  

Dickerman Park Public Art
Comforting Climage by Aaron Dysart. Image courtesy of City of St. Paul.

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