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525 Pelham Blvd, Saint Paul, MN 55104, United States
(651) 603-0144
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Desnoyer Park is a neighborhood park in the southwest area of St. Paul. It has family friendly amenities including a playground, sports fields and courts and a picnic area. In the winter, it has an ice rink.

Outdoor Skating Rink at Desnoyer ParkOutdoor Skating Rink at Desnoyer Park

This park has an outdoor rink, but no warming house. Rinks in St. Paul Parks are free and open when weather and ice quality cooperate. Find up-to-date information on St. Paul Outdoor Rinks Here.

Drop-In Childcare Facility at Desnoyer Park

The park building has been re-partnered as KidsPark Drop-In Hourly Childcare center. We don’t have any personal experience with this center, however it seems like a good tool for parents who don’t need daily childcare. Note their is a registration process before families can use the service the first time.


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