Twin Cities Horsemanship Opportunities

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It’s back to school in the Twin Cities.  Some of you have been in school for a week or two by now, but for the majority of the area, we start today.  This summer I have started thinking about what I want my kids to learn in life.  Academics are extremely important.  I am not downplaying that, but since my kids love to read, I am not worried about the knowledge they will attain.  So what do I want to instill in them? Self-discipline, compassion, and healthy view of life and their bodies.  Those are very important to me.  I can’t think of a better way to do that then by learning about something bigger than ourselves.  In this case, a horse and Twin Cities horsemanship opportunities.

The Twin Cities offers many opportunities to get acquainted and comfortable with horses. There are a number of stables around the Twin Cities. While you won’t find them in Minneapolis or St. Paul themselves, they aren’t far from there and they are in the East, West, North, and South. This excites my daughter as she is horse crazy right now and this excites me because I am always looking for a good opportunity to introduce my children to the sights, sounds, and smells of the country.

There is something nostalgic about Small Town America, and I have always dreamed that dream for my kids. I have since come to terms that they are not going to grow up like I did, but I can still make agriculture a part of their lives. They can know what corn looks like and what soybeans are. They may not grow up surrounded by it, but they can appreciate it. They can experience animals–especially farm animals–at more than just the State Fair, too. Even in the middle of the Twin Cities, there are opportunities to familiarize yourself with the country.

There are many benefits to Equestrianism for your family.

  • Lifetime of Year Round Health and Fitness.  Riding a horse works your core, your quads, and your cardiovascular system.   You develop balance, strength, and muscle control.
  • Respect and Responsibility.  Children (and adults) learn to care for  a large animal and to respect them without being afraid of them.
  • Perspective.  Teenagers tend to get distracted by their friends and romantic endeavors.  A commitment to a horse is going to teach more about loyalty, integrity, honesty, follow through, empathy, compassion, and trust than any girlfriend or boyfriend would.  And it could potentially keep them above the social drama that can be so detrimental to them.
  • Discipline and Focus. Horsemanship develops self discipline and systematic thinking, progressive training and helps with academics
  • Courage.  When you are confident on the back of a horse and can be under control, nothing can stop you.  Your child will know that he can do anything he puts his mind to.

I intend to give this gift to my kids  and have started researching what is in the area.  We plan on starting this next year when Kyla is nine.  There are a lot of possibilities. You can find them all in my Twin Cities Stables Overview or individually:

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