Trickboxing: Not a Family Show, But Perfect for the Family!

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Megan McClellan and Brian Sostek are happily married with a beautiful 7 year old son and 5 (and a quarter) year old daughter. Misha and Mahira go everywhere with their mom and dad and are involved with the whole production process of Trickboxing.

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Trickboxing by Sossy Mechanics

Brian and Megan wrote Trickboxing in 2002 for the Minnesota Fringe Festival.  It was  a 45-minute show that had a very successful run.  They accredit its success to the fact that they wrote a story that their parents would enjoy.  It wasn’t full of  the angst and anxiety that many dancers express through their movement.  It was fun, sweet and full of real-life true love.

Brian wrote and choreographed the entire 2 man show, creating for himself about 12 characters.  Megan plays several characters, but her main role is Bella–a talented dancer.  In writing this show, Brian and Megan showcased their talents and strengths.  And both have grown tremendously over the years of its production.

Sossy Mechanics

The show was not written to be family-friendly, but it is! They are constantly moving around the stage whether it’s dancing or boxing. With sing-song rhymes and choreographed action, the tempo never slows down.  I think this show is perfect for a seven-year-old or older. If you have a child who loves dance or is enthralled with acting, a younger child would enjoy it.

They also incorporate puppets. Do you want to know what the puppets are? A toy skeleton, a brick, a Curious George animal, and a beanie babie.

Here’s a preview.  If this doesn’t want to make you see the whole thing, I’m not sure what will.


Seeing Megan and Brian’s labor of love and their love for each other in Trickboxing is a tribute to doing what you love and being with whom you love.

This article was originally published January 27, 2015
by Gianna Kordatzky


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