Throw a Strange Magic Party with Downloads from Disney

So are you planning to take your kids to Strange Magic this weekend?  I understand it is Lucas Films’ first animated feature that is NOT Star Wars related. It’s Shakespeare related.  A Lucas/Disney version of a Midsummer Night’s Dream.  What’s not to love about that?

At any rate, I used this as a good excuse to try out some features of this site that I’ve been afraid to try.  See how I have the pictures set up in a nice grid?  Cool.  Right?  I’ve also linked all these graphics to PDFs so you can print easier than from a JPEG.  It worked for me (albeit very slowly), so I hope it works for you, too.  Disney has some new movies coming out almost every week for awhile, so we plan to have more where this came from.

Leave me a message if something doesn’t work.

Why not invite all your kids classmates along to the show and make a party of it.  If one doesn’t show up, you can always send their parents a bill.  The party favors are on Disney.  Just click on the graphic and print the PDF.

 StrangeMagic54b715814f09f StrangeMagic54b71421af461
 StrangeMagic54b7155af36ef StrangeMagic54b7147a5041e StrangeMagic54b7144ca8cf6
 StrangeMagic54b715c890ddf StrangeMagic54b715a1df3b7 StrangeMagic54b714bb89350
 StrangeMagic54b713f308f5b StrangeMagic54b713d5e018d


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