The Little Prince at Theatre in the Round, Parental Guide and Review

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The Little Prince is currently showing at  Theatre in the Round–a venue that I have waited since 1995 to visit.  I know that if I were a true blue theatre patron, I would have gone much sooner than 27 years later.  But I’m done dwelling on that.  I have now been to Theatre in the Round and it was as magical as I imagined it would be.

Housing 245 seats, it’s an intimate theatre experience that practically sets you in the middle of the action.  The typical theatre trope of “play to the audience” doesn’t work in this setting.  This theatrical experience is character-encompassing and the audience members are welcomed eavesdroppers.

Theatre in the Round began in the 1950s and has been in their current location since 1969 which was an old furniture warehouse.  The design team of the original Guthrie (the one that was over by Walker Art Center) created a stage where the entire audience encompasses the entire story.

Disclosure statement
FFTC received tickets in exchange for promotion.  This review is my own.
Production Photos credited to Christina Morgeneier

What to Know Before You Go

  1. To be able to attend you must wear a mask, bring your ID, and show proof of vaccination or a negative test. To learn more about the policy, follow this link.
  2. The cast consists of 6 actors.  Watch for the fox.  The fox was my absolute favorite character of all the characters followed closely by the lamplighter.
    broken airplane
  3. The building and stage themselves are art.  Before the show, give yourself plenty of time to appreciate the surroundings.  It’s so pretty and there is so much to look at.
  4. This show consists of great fodder for thinking and contemplating.  It moves along but it’s not fast paced.  The audience must use their imagination often (which I love).
  5. Age Recommendation: Since we want to respect Theatre in the Round’s policy, children ages 6 and up are invited to enjoy shows in this venue.

How to Take The Little Prince With You

  1. Read The Little Prince by picking up the book at your library or one of our amazing independent book shops.  We’ve listed your closest libraries and all our family bookshops favorites.
  2. Visit the Minnesota History Center and visit the airplane in the The Greatest Generation exhibit.  You may not want to do the show since it’s intense, but it’s a pretty great airplane to enjoy.
  3. Visit Como Zoo to check out the foxes and snakes.  And all the flowers since both animals and plants are featured in this show.

More About The Little Prince

The Little Prince  is based on the French novella by the same name.   Engaging for young and old alike, The Little Prince follows a world-weary Aviator stranded in the Sahara Desert and the mysterious child that appears and tells of his adventures through the galaxy. This classic story explores love, loss, hope, and what it means to have an open heart.

Audience discussion follows the performances on April 24.
Free themed art activities prior to the performances on April 8, 9, 29, & 30 and following the performances on April 9 and May 1.

Parent’s Guide

Art Displays at The Little Prince

Things you may want to consider as a parent.
1.  The Little Prince is appropriate for children.  However, it’s definitely written for adults and there are a two “damns” that are spoken.  And some of the themes are fairly deep.  The ending is a little unnerving and beautiful at the same time.  Also, only children age 6 and older are allowed to enjoy shows at Theatre in the Round.
2. The cast is not mic’ed.  It’s not necessary to amplify the actors’ voice because it’s a small space, but you may want to let your kids know that before it starts.  That said, we laughed.  A lot!  My friend, Anna-Lena and I were laughing through most of the show.
3. Opening Weekend and Closing Weekend, TRP has partnered with Artrageous Adventures for Family Creation Stations.  We painted a really fun mobile.

Show and Ticketing Information

Waiting for the show to begin

Show runs: Fridays-Sundays, April 8-May 1
Showtimes: Fridays 7:30 pm,  Saturday 7:30 pm, Sunday 2 pm

Tickets range in price: $20-$25

Parking Hint:  You can park in the Courtyard Marriott Ramp.  And TRP has validation tickets to use with your parking ticket to reduce the price to $5.  It’s pretty sweet.

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