Greater Good: Making a Difference Together for People, Pets and the Planet

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Mall of America


“Over 35 million dollars have been donated and by the end of the year, it will be over 40 millions,” Rena Rasmussen of Greater Good  told me. Those numbers can’t be ignored, and Greater Good is proud to be making a difference in the world. 

  • Mall of AmericaWe love our animals. Animal Rescue
  • Mall of AmericaBreast Cancer touches everyone.
  • Fair Trade Global Artisan-Made Earrings
  • Global Girlfriend finances artisans in developing countries
  • Mall of AmericaSupport Our Veterans
  • Creative Kidstuff
  • Made in Minnesota, You won't find this online. It's exclusive to the retail shop.
  • Mall of AmericaThe Hunger Site feeds the hungry around the world and in our backyard
  • mall of americaAlzheimer's Resources

The GreaterGood network of websites started with one simple idea: take one action everyone does every day – a click on a website – and turn it into a force for good. The Hunger Site was the first to launch in 1999. Sponsors would pay to have their ads viewed on The Hunger Site’s thank-you page; each click would be recorded and generate sponsor funds, and those funds went directly to charity to provide food for people in need. In the first nine months, the site funded more than nine million pounds of food for the hungry.

-Quoted from

DSCF9623Sixteen years later,  Greater Good has over 10 different online shops and thousands of products reaching out to support people, pets and the planet.  You can find links to each of the sites at the  bottom of this post.  There really is a cause for everyone!

But if you want a hands-on experience, you are in luck.  Opened in May of this year, Greater Good Store has its first brick and mortar shop located in the Mall of America. They chose the MOA because its a great testing ground with billions of people coming through this giant retail space.

Greater Good

156 East Broadway, Mall of America

Mall of America, Bloomington

Mall  of AmeriaHere you will find physical displays of every shop from  You can touch and hold and share a story of how your life has been affected.  I fell in love with this store.  I loved the ethical and heartfelt nature of the store, but I also LOVED the products. Every purchase you make gives a portion of the sale to a cause, but the store also has resources.

Mall of AmericaFor instance, the Autism Site has manipulatives to purchase for a person with autism.  In the Alzheimer’s  Site, there are memory games like ‘Simon’ for family members and friends who are suffering from early stages of Alzheimer’s.

The centerpiece of the store is located on the back wall straight back. This where you can pick one of the ten causes to support and 100% of the funds collected are given to support the programs throughout the shop.

Greater Good

The Heart of Greater Good

It is the perfect shop to buy gifts for those who are hard to buy for and easy to buy for.

Mouse symbolCheck out their online shops! These are affiliate links which means if you buy from these links, not only will you get an amazing purchase, you will support a great cause, AND support FFTC.  It’s a win, win, win!!!!  How often can you get a triple win?

Global Girlfriend
offers ethically made apparel and accessories by working with and creating micro-financing for artisans around the world.

Creative Kidstuff
every time a toy is purchased, Creative Kidstuff gives a toy to a child in need.


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If you are interested in learning how you can give back together as a family, join us for the Great Give Back Challenge during the month of November–We Can Give Back month.

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