The Frog Bride at Children’s Theatre Company

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The Frog Bride

It is a special day when Joy and I end up at the same place for the same event without planning it.  The Frog Bride at Children’s Theatre was one such case. 

With our different personalities, both Joy and I loved this show.  Let us tell you about it so you can determine if it’s a good fit for your family.

At supper, I told my first grader, Dash, that we were doing something special together that evening.  In his mind, he was convinced we were going to a movie.  As we were loading into the car, I said, “Buddy, we are not going to a movie.”

That’s when the pout began.  “That means we are going to a play.” (I admit that we go to the theatre a lot.  I take my kids  to see plays whenever the calendar allows. But the dude does not understand how fortunate he is. This is something to be thankful for. But he wasn’t.)

He rode to the theater in a huff.  Then, he was upset because he had to walk to the door in the cold.  This evening was not beginning well.

We waited for our tickets and were promised that even though he wanted to see a movie, he would love the show because there was a video screen with projections, music and live acting.  Dash perked up and was eager for it to begin.

With two live musicians, a pianist and a violinist  and himself, David Gonzalez weaves a tale that is compelling and exciting.  With voices (my favorite was the frog’s) and mimes, energy and mystery, David weaves you into this unique Russian fairytale.  Including musical works from Russian composers and visual art from Russian artists, David immerses us in Russian culture.  Dash was so involved in the story that he wasn’t ready for the hour-long production to be done.

I was completely taken in as well. So much so that by the end of the tale, I could taste the chocolate cake.  I can taste it now, as a matter of fact.

Joy’s Take on The Frog Bride

I think Gianna covered everything I was going to say about The Frog Bride. I brought my 10-year-old daughter. She is a seasoned theater-goer now. We both enjoyed the performance; although, I question whether some jokes went over her head. That is good. I see that as a mark of a really good family story when it can be enjoyed on different levels. If an adult friend asked me, I wouldn’t hesitate to suggest they go with or without kids. In fact the couple in front of me was there sans children.

It was fun to watch Gonzalez interact with the screen and to talk about how it was done afterwards. We talked about trying something similar at home – either with a real shadow curtain or a projector. We also enjoyed the incorporation of the musicians into the show.

The story left me with some talking points for later conversation.  For instance,

“Why did the king insist on rigid adherence to The Book except when it didn’t suit him?”

“Did you empathize with Ivan, or did you think he was a complete jerk?”

“The other wives were kind of mean girls, weren’t they?”

Age Recommendations for The Frog Bride:

It’s recommended for ages 9 and older.  I brought my 7 year old and many other younger kids  attended who did great. It’s playing on the Cargill Stage so there is not a quiet room for the littlest ones. A mom in front of me had to leave her seat to care for her unhappy baby.  (Don’t get me wrong.  I was not upset, but I’m just telling you)  

Joy Again: That unhappy baby actually spent the second half of the show behind the bleachers of the Cargill Stage. I only know this because he got away from his mom once, and I saw her grab him before he got back up front.  He was otherwise not disruptive. If you do take a smaller child, you may want to employ this tactic if they get restless. Behind the seats, the child can move a little more (as long as they are quiet) and the parents can still watch the show.

CTC does not offer lap passes for this show.


Still not sure?  Meet David Gonzalez in this post.  

Free Tickets Disclosure


Family Fun Twin Cities was given two tickets to be able to review this show.  All opinions are our own.

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