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Free Music & Melody Makers Program with Minnesota Youth Symphonies
Sundays at Landmark / Urban Expeditions 2018/2019 Season
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Free Music & Melody Makers Program with Minnesota Youth Symphonies

It’s that time of year when you can sign up for Free Music & Melody Makers events. They happen in January and April, but space is limited, so reserve your spot soon!
Music & Melody Makers

Here’s a sampling of the questions that start rolling around in my head when wondering if my kids are musically-inclined: Have they shown any particular talent? Band or strings? Have I already missed the boat for piano lessons? Where do I even begin to find these answers? If you’ve been asking some of the same questions, I encourage you to check out the free Music & Melody Makers program put on by Minnesota Youth Symphonies.

Music & Melody MakersIt’s a fun, low-stress way to introduce kids (ages 3 – 14) to the legions of beautiful instruments that make up the orchestra. My goal in taking our kids last year was to see if they were drawn to any instrument in particular. The kids could try out the string, brass, woodwind and percussion instruments if they liked, or (when shyness took over) they could watch Symphony students demonstrate. My favorite moments were watching my then-5-year-old daughter try her hand at the clarinet (like Mom and Grandma before her) and my 3-year-old get behind the timpani.

Music & Melody MakersAfter a (provided) snack break, the girls and I were treated to a mini-performance by the Minnesota Youth Symphonies Philharmonic (full-sized) Orchestra. The highlight was the conductor inviting my daughter, Emily, onstage to guest-conduct the students. She went with an enthusiasm that left me hoping she’d want to be part of an orchestra herself someday.

Tip: Registration is required for the Music & Melody Makers event because space is limited and is often full by the event date. Check the link below for space availability and to sign up. The event is completely free, including parking, and there is no sales pitch. Questions? Call 651-699-5811.

Music & Melody Makers with
Minnesota Youth Symphonies
975 Snelling Ave. S., St. Paul
Twice annually in the winter and spring
Saturday, January 26, 2019 from 9am-10:30am,
Saturday, April 6, 2019 from 9:30am-11am!
FREE, but Pre-registration required

Sundays at Landmark / Urban Expeditions 2018/2019 Season

the The Landmark Center is a historical building right in the heart of downtown St. Paul.  It was once the federal building for the city which included courtrooms and the post office.  Today it is a landmark (ha!) and houses not only the historical information of the building but also many different museums. Each fall through spring, the Landmark hosts Sunday family events, aptly named “Sundays at Landmark“. The 2018/2019 season* begins September 23, 2018, including the Landmark Center’s popular Urban Expeditions*, which take you to a different country to experience the culture firsthand without leave the comfort of town and for FREE.Sundays at the Landmark / Urban Expeditions2018/2019 Schedule – Sundays at Landmark

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