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7 Things to Know About ‘The BFG’
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7 Things to Know About ‘The BFG’

Disney The BFG“Dreams are so short,” Sophie commented
“On the outside but not on the inside,” BFG replied.

Our family was invited to check out The BFG a couple of days before the movie released and we were all pleasantly surprised.

Scratch that.

For most of my kids, who had been counting down the days to seeing the movie, the film met all expectations.  There was only one who said he didn’t like it. He gets anxious pretty easily, and there were some intense parts.  However, after the lights came up, he continually listed the scenes he loved.

The BFG is not a movie for young kids.  It starts out a bit spooky and is a little slow moving at times.  We brought all our kids, ages 6-11, and by far, the 9 and 11 year olds were the ones who loved it the most. Read More

10 Things for Kids ‘Finding Dory’

Finding DoryFinding Dory premiered on Friday, June 17, and it is a delight. I took my boys to the media preview (thanks to Allied Integrated Marketing Minneapolis) as a surprise and we were not disappointed. 

It was full of emotions, and I found myself laughing out loud on multiple occasions. While it had some sad parts, the sadness was nowhere near the level of Up or Inside Out.

Here are 10 things your kids will love in Finding Dory.

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