Stroller Strides Helps You Get Fit WITH Your Baby

Stroller Strides is a program of Fit4Mom.comAnd from everything that I have seen, it’s a perfect fit for a FFTC Family.

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Introducing Stroller Strides

Everywhere I turn, I hear the term “busy mom.” It’s probably because the circles I hang around are full of busy moms and the people I want to serve are busy moms and dads.  And I’m still in the throes of being a busy mom myself.

In the midst of all this busy-ness, the one thing that doesn’t get taken care of is my health. I don’t know if you are the same way, but after having my babies and being a workforce mom and a stay-at-home mom and now a work-at-home mom, I have noticed a common denominator.  

I don’t take care of my body the way I should because I. am. so. exhausted. And the energy I do have, is for my kids and family. Does anyone else feel this way?

Enter Stroller Strides.

Stroller Strides is the answer to much of our mama guilt.

  1. Participants are interacting with your kiddos. Guilt check? None.
  2. Participants are also exercising. Guilt check?  None.

Not only that, but participants are exercising at their fitness level. You are not allowed to exercise unless you are 6 weeks post partum and have a doctor’s written approval.

Stroller Strides Fitness Mamas meet at a park during the nice months and inside a mall or such in the cold months. There is great motivation to meet and see friends, get out of the house, and not worry about getting ready. Just pull on your yoga pants, throw your hair up in a bun, toss your stroller in the car (as well as your babies), and go.

Bam!  Workout?  Done!

Read the Star Tribune’s 2011 Story!

Introducing Fit4Mom 

Stroller Strides is just one program that Fit4Mom offers.

Other programs offered are:

Moms with a Mission, powered by Fit4Mom, was created to nurture the minds, bodies and spirits of moms and their children everywhere.

Connect with other moms at playgroups, enjoy moms’ nights out, and give back to your community through “Moms with a Mission” activities.

What sold me on the Fit4Mom program was the grace they extend to each other and and to each other’s children.

Introducing Emily Christie

Emily Christie is from the East Coast (Philadelphia, to be precise). She is married and has two kids. Her youngest is now in preschool. The moved to the Twin Cities over six years ago, and Stroller Strides was how she found community. They are have settled into Minnesota and love it here. 

“We are never leaving.”

Emily is passionate about supporting moms. She also wants moms to feel good about themselves and knows that it’s important for them to be with their kids as well as with other moms. She understands that motherhood is isolating, so she welcomes moms to class for the social aspects as much as for the fitness.   

As a mom herself, Emily know what it takes to make a mom feel welcome. No one can say their kids are behaving worse than another’s kid. If you miss half the class because your child is struggling (therefore causing you to struggle), it’s no sweat. Your attendance card will not be punched, so you don’t lose out on a class. Come back next time and try again.  

Mom, you are always welcome at Stroller Strides. 

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This article was originally published by Gianna
in November 2015 and updated periodically

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