The Alphabet Forest at the Minnesota State Fair

The Alphabet Forest is an absolute must see attraction at the Minnesota State Fair! Laidback and fun, this exhibit is perfect fun for the whole family!

Debra Frasier, author of nine children’s picture books, is proud to be from Minnesota. She loves the State Fair, too!  She wrote and illustrated an alphabet book based on her trips to the Minnesota State Fair — A Fabulous Fair Alphabet. So it seems appropriate that she brought us this annual Minnesota State Fair attraction.

Girl showing her 'OLIVIA" name poster at the Alphabet Forest attraction at the Minnesota State Fair

The Alphabet Forest is open in Baldwin Park (across from the 4-H Building) each day of the fair (Aug. 25 – Sept. 5, 2022) from 10:00 am-8:00 pm.

This is an extremely laidback activity, and it’s in the most shaded spot of the entire fair (hence the “forest” part of the name).

  • Take pictures with Fair Letter. If you do this annually, you can watch your kids grow as they create their name every year.
  • Create alphabet Ferris wheels
  • Add your fair words to the Fair Dictionary
  • Participate in the Fabulous Forest Alphabet Word Game by printing the Fabulous Fair Alphabet Game Card and looking for letters as you stroll the fair.
  • Meet real life authors at the Blue Ribbon Homegrown Author Showcase.
Kids playing in the Alphabet Forest at the Minnesota State Fair
Alphabet Forest

Meet Local Authors at the Alphabet Forest

Each year a line up of Blue Ribbon Homegrown children’s book authors join the Forest to promote literacy, learning and fun. See this year’s schedule below.

Alphabet flags at the Minnesota State Fair Alphabet Forest
The Alphabet Forest

2022 Blue Ribbon Author Schedule

Aug. 25: Catherine Thimmesh
Aug. 26: Dr. Artika R. Tyner
Aug. 27: Phuoc Thi Minh Tran
Aug. 28: Daniel Bernstrom
Aug. 29: Cheryl Blackford
Aug. 30: Tracy Nelson Maurer
Aug. 31: Lindsey McDivitt
Sept. 1: Thomas Peacock
Sept. 2: Mark Ceilley and Rachel Smoka-Richarsdon
Sept. 3: Dawn Quigley
Sept. 4: Sarah Warren
ept. 5: Megan Maynor 

Collage of kids having fun at the Alphabet Forest attraction at the Minnesota State Fair

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43 thoughts on “The Alphabet Forest at the Minnesota State Fair”

  1. Favorite fair memory – just being with my family and having fun walking around the fairgrounds. My mother-in-law lives a few blocks from the main gates, so we are able to spend time at the fair, then go home to rest, then go back to the fair, then go home to rest, etc:) I also really enjoyed watching my son’s reaction the first time he saw the robot guy walking around:)

  2. Best Fair Advice ever received – Bring in a water bottle to refill throughout the day, this way we stay hydrated and save money to be used on all the yummy fair food:)

  3. Favorite fair memory was trying to combat the nausea of being 8 weeks pregnant while not letting up to my parents we were with because we hadn’t announced yet!

  4. The best fair advice for moms with little kids is to visit the nursing/changing room on the north side near the eco building. Tons of fans, chairs, changing tables, diapers, wipes etc!

  5. Best fair advice I ever was given was go to the fair with a group of people and share lots of different types of foods.

  6. My favorite fair memory is going one year while in college with some friends and going on the water bumper cars. We all walked around the rest of the evening with wet bums!

  7. Best advice as parents: take a digital picture of your kids before you go to the fair. Then, if they get lost you will have a current photo of them. Thank goodness we have never had to use the photos.

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