Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Review

Like so many others, I’ve been counting down to the release of The Last Jedi. While last year’s detour to Rogue One was amazing, I was looking forward to getting back to old friends, even though it was bittersweet walking in knowing I’d be seeing the ghost of Carrie Fischer and moving on without Han Solo.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Picking up directly where The Force Awakens left off, The Last Jedi drops the viewer on a treadmill going 30 miles an hour. The action begins right off and sets the atmosphere for the rest of the film. Of course, it’s not all battle scenes and explosions. The film balances multiple plot lines that create a perfect flow of excitement and story line.

I felt that the character development in this film was particularly exceptional. Each character was portrayed on an intimate level with all their strengths and weaknesses. Even the characters we know well – like Leia and Luke – are developed deeper. My one complaint about this series is that Kylo Ren makes a weak villain. It’s hard to buy him as anything but a whiny, spoiled child who is too easily manipulated to take seriously.

This films approach had an up-to-date feel while still maintaining the nostalgia of the early films. For instance, the humor fit our current culture, but still had some of the old cheesiness running through it. I was also surprised and impressed by several scenes that were much more artistic than what I have come to expect with Star Wars. I enjoyed the cinematography on a creative level – not just the special effects. Both of these additions enhanced the experience for me and created a closer relationship between our worlds.

I went into this film expecting to love it; I was not disappointed.

Parental Cautions for The Last Jedi

  • The movie clocks in at 2 hours and 32 minutes. This is a long time to expect a small child to sit still.
  • If you do decide to take small children, think twice before giving them pop. You may be forced to take a potty break during a good part. It’s really just one long good part.
  • The rating is PG-13 – mostly for violence and action scenes. It could be scary or intense for sensitive children. You know your children best in this area. If you decide to hold off, Common Sense Media does offer this age-by-age guide to introducing the Star Wars films to young children.

This may be a film to do in the theater as a date night or with the older kids and hold off for Netflix or movies in the park (when they can be a little squirmier and loud) to share with the smaller kids. In the meantime, check out Gianna’s review of Ferdinand – also in theaters this week.

Family Fun Twin Cities received a complimentary ticket to facilitate this review.

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