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The True Story of the Three Little Pigs – Stages Theatre Review – April 2014

This weekend we took a family date night to Hopkins.  The date centered around my 4-year-old and I attending Stages Theatre’s production of The True Story of the Three Little Pigs.  Although I have never read the book, I really enjoyed this performance.  It centers around the trial of the Big Bad Wolf and, like a trial, each side presents their very one-sided stories for the audience (the jury) to determine the truth.

According to Stages this is an all ages show.  My four year old had a difficult time sitting through it from the beginning.  There were other children around his age there that did better, and he had not napped before going, but I would still recommend this show more for early grade school age and up.  It has great musical numbers and a fast moving pace that will keep kids interested, yet it was appealing to me, as an adult, with its pop culture references and jokes that might go over the heads of kids.  If you do decide to take younger kids, I would recommend working with their natural schedules.  I should have known to go to a matinee or be more insistent about the nap.  Also, a knowledge of the the original three little pigs story helps. You may want to read and/or watch a few versions ahead.

The True Story of the Three Little Pigs at Stages Theatre
The True Story of the Three Little Pigs at Stages Theatre

Stages Theatre provided tickets for this review.

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  1. “The Prince of Arrogance, who is played by Theodore Emo, is a likeable arrogant character. He reminded me a little of Neil Patrick Harris, and he really steals the show.”

    Theodore Emo is my son. He died on Dec 2nd, 2020. I found this article while searching his name on Google.

    You’re critique offered me some tiny comfort this afternoon.

    1. Mike. I’m so sorry for your loss. While it has been several years, I do remember that play and your son lit up the stage.

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